Spirit Mate
Spirit Mate
Spirit Mate's Ignus Summon
Creator Doot Scoot
Creation July 3
Debut Spirit Mate Goes To Work
Type Summoner
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Amiable, Unassuming, Workhorse (Spirit Mate)

Maniacal, Feral, Hostile (Summon)

Fighting style Tag Team
Abilities Peak Human Strength, Peak Human Durability, Vacuum Mouth (Spirit Mate)

Various (Summon)

Weaknesses Vacuum Eating Applies Only To Food (Spirit Mate)

Stubborn, Ferocity (Summon)

Status Active
Occupation Lumber Worker (Spirit Mate)

Angry Lunatic (Summon)

Allies Good Charge

Spirit Mate is a RED Demoman currently working shifts between ctf_sawmill and arena_lumberyard, and was created by Doot Scoot.


Spirit Mate is a standard RED Demoman, equipped with a slightly different outfit. Said outfit has more armor around the chest, full sleeves, and armored kneepads. The reasoning for this? When you work in a lumber mill, your bound to get a few splinters, so why not mitigate the possibility of the damage being fatal, It's common sense.

Spirit Mate's summon is entirely comprised of energy, and thus is capable of causing critical hits with melee attacks. The summon's appearance changes between the nine classes, from the swift, Scout-like Cinos summon, the tough Ferrus summon, and the flight-capable, all purpose Ignus summon.

All of his summons are capable of going into an overcharge mode that equips them with powerful armor, more abilities, and overall kill whatever is trying to kill Spirit Mate first.


A sharp detraction from most depictions of Demomen, Spirit Mate is uninterested in the antics of the TF2 Freak World. He didn't even want his powers, nor did he want to be born in a world where everything is out to kill you, capture you, or otherwise mess you up. He is dedicated to his job, and would much rather spend his days working at a lumber mill than being a big shot hero, since it's much less dangerous.

However, just because he is disinterested doesn't mean he's fun.

For the most part, the summons created by Spirit Mate are half-sentient at best and braindead at worst. They can show emotions, though these tend to be somewhere along the lines of angry and tame.

However, if forced into combat, he will do his best to end it quickly, mostly with his favorite crowbar, rather than letting his Summons take care of the problem. If the fight is prolonged, Spirit Mate will start using his "Spirits".

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