Solar Heavy
Creator Fumbling Storm
Creation 12 June 2014
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Friendly, passive
Abilities Heat Resistance
Solar Energy Converting
Weaknesses Ice and Water
Status Alive
Occupation Guitarist

Solar Heavy is a ORG Heavy TF2 Freak created by the user Fumbling Storm and later adopted by n8five484.

Behavior and Personality

Solar Heavy is generally a passive character, generally trying not to battle other freaks. Although, he is not a coward and will fight when necessary. He is most often seen in Egypt due to the constant sun directly corelating with his powers. Although the toque tones down Solar Heavy's powers he is still a formidable opponent in battle. Solar Heavy owns and plays an Electric Guitar and strives to get better. He is already quite good at playing it. His alignment is Lawful Good.


Not much is known about Solar Heavy's past. Originally he was just a regular Heavy. While fighting at Teufort, Solar Heavy's Medic died in action and his team lost. After the battle Heavy retired, began wandering the earth, and suffered from a long state of depression. To hide his depression he took on a happy and optimistic personality that is, until he found the toque. When on the beach taking a nap, he lost track of time and fell asleep. When he awoke he was suffering from 3rd degree burns and was taken to the hospital. The Medics learned that he had retained massive amounts of radiation and heat. When Solar Heavy left the hospital he went in search of a new hat. Nobody knows why. Nobody knows where he found the Toque but that is what catalyzed his powers and made him the man he is today. For the first two weeks of wearing the hat Solar Heavy noticed that his burns were healing at an exponential rate and that his alternate personality of happiness was taking over. He welcomed the new changes, accepting his new life. For the next year Solar Heavy began to experiment with his new found powers and took on the hobby of playing Electric Guitar. His powers grew to the point of what they are today through rigorous training and determination.

Powers and Abilities 

Judging by the title, Solar Heavy has solar powers. The sun directly affects Solar Heavy's powers giving him abilities such as super speed, flight, regeneration and extreme heat resistance. The Toque on Solar Heavy's head however, keeps his powers stable and makes sure that he does not burn up. Without the Toque Solar Heavy would have a body temperature of the sun's core (27 Million Degrees Fahrenheit) and would ultimately kill him over an extended period of time, as well as more than maximizing the extent of his powers. With the "Toque of Catalyzation" worn Solar Heavy is able to retain a normal human body temperature with the downside of his powers being drastically reduced.

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