The Smyle
Creator n8five484
Creation 8 February 2016 (Concept)</small!
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Bloodthirsty
Fighting style Short range
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Panic Inducement
Status Alive

Smyle (or The Smyle) is RED Scout TF2 Monster created by n8five484.

Powers and Abilities

Smyle has the unique abilitiy to disappear in photographs and videos and memory of him is easily erased and is vaguely remembered.

He can send his victims into a panic state only if looked directly into his eyes. This cause victims to either ran or fight back or even make them still.

Another notable he has is limb regeneration though instead of gaining a new hand, he regenerates a melee weapon for example, a Sledgehammer or a Sandman.

Lastly he has enhanced strength to stab his victims and to hold them down still.

Faults and Weaknesses

He is as fragile as a normal Scout which makes him very vulnerable to strong attacks.


  • Inspiration for Smyle came when the Creator started to watch the X-Files and wanted to make some kind of a monster.
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