Smokey Gazpacho
Smokey Gazpacho
Creator GmodViolet
Creation 27 September 2017
Debut Smokey Gazpacho
Type Maniac
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Obsessed, sadistic
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Heavy friend summoning
Status Alive
Occupation Pervert
Subordinates A RED Heavy

Smokey Gazpacho is a dark GRY Soldier TF2 Freak created by GmodViolet.


Smokey Gazpacho appears as a dark GRY Soldier wearing a blue pant and a Chief Constable painted Operator's Overalls (BLU) and always equipped with a Disciplinary Action. He also possesses a peculiar grin.

Behavior and Personality

Smokey is obsessed with pain and also with the human's rear. When finding a person, Smokey tries to dominate her by immobilizing her. After that, he will strike the posterior of his victim at a fast rate with his Disciplinary Action, causing her to scream in pain while he's enjoying it because of his sadistic nature.

He will stop once he get enough joy out of the activity or once the victim stop screaming out of exhaustion and will leave to find another person to dominate.

Powers and Abilities

Smokey Gazpacho is not so different from a normal human being but still has some special abilities making him different.

For a Soldier, Smokey is quite fast. He has more speed than a regular Scout and he also use his speed for slapping the rear of his victims at an incredibly fast rate with his Disciplinary Action.

Smokey can feel a person when she's feeling pain. The ray of feeling is just the size of the map where Smokey is.

When in need of help or just when he desires to, Smokey can summon his RED Heavy friend just by saying his name for unknown reasons. This RED Heavy is Smokey's best and only friend he has. He isn’t much different from a regular Heavy and loves doing the same activities that Smokey does.

Smokey Gazpacho Heavy friend

Smokey RED Heavy friend

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Although he is more resistant than a regular Soldier, Smokey is still sensitive to any form of damage.
  • When using his enhanced speed too much, it is possible for him to lose control, thereby crashing into a wall, an object or a prop.
  • He prefers enjoying the pain of his victims until he has enough. Meaning that Smokey never has the intent to kill somebody.
  • While he's performing his masochistic activities, Smokey can be attacked by surprise by sneaky enemies.


  • The victims he target the most are Scouts.
  • Smokey and his Heavy friend were both based on the rapist Soldier and Heavy from this vid.
  • After putting Smokey on the wikia, the creator realized that another soldier freak was similar to his freak without even knowing it.

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