Plr hightower0004
Creator GmodViolet
Creation 24 March 2017
Debut One of my tf2 freaks :Slimero
Type Alien
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Neutral, curious
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Faster when liquefied
Can reconstituted himself
Status Alive
Occupation Traveler
Enemies Anyone hostile

Slimero is a Teamless Pyro TF2 Monster created by GmodViolet.

His theme is the Slime theme from Spiral Knights.


Slimero appears as a slimy Pyro without his left pouch, grenades and air tank wearing the Triboniophorus Tyrannus. He can also appears as a green puddle when liquefied.


Slimero was once a RED Pyro working at Double Cross. One day while he was looking at the starry sky, a meteor crashed only a few meters from him, he approached it and when arrived in front of it, a small gelatinizing creature crawled on the meteor. The Pyro then took her in his hands believing the creature to be nice. But when he took her, the creature jumped at his face and climbed onto the top of his head. When it reached the top, the Pyro began to suffer within all his body and after a few seconds, the creature merged with him and thus, Slimero was born. After that, he left Double Cross and went to Hightower.

Arrived at Hightower, he observed two BLU mercenaries quietly until he was shot in the head by a BLU Sniper. After this, he killed the 3 mercenaries and left Hightower.

Behavior and Personality

Before his transformation, he was just a nice and affectionate Pyro. After it, he became rather quiet and curious about what surrounds him. If someone is hostile to him, he will not hesitate to kill that person. He faces any persons that is hostile towards him but if he meet or feel someone more powerful than him or usually fire (his weakness) he will be fearful and will try to flee.

The possibility that Slimero could be friend with someone was unknown until that he started to feeling alone during his travel across the TF2 Freak world. Now, he travels it with one new goal: finding a friend.

Powers and Abilities

Slimero has increased strength and his body made entirely of slime gives him some abilities:

Thanks to his body, he does not feel bullets or blades and since he does not have a skeleton, he is very flexible. He can also absorb people or objects in his body destroying them by disassembling them.

If a part of Slimer's body was to be detached from his body or destroyed in pieces, it will still be controlled by Slimero and thus, will come restore itself to Slimero's body.

Since Slimero is made of slime, he is not afraid to fall from very great heights.

Slimero can liquefy himself and when being liquified, he can move more quickly or climb walls or surfaces. He can also pass through some obstacles like bars or go into narrow spaces.

Faults and Weaknesses

At first sight, Slimero seems invincible and unstoppable but he still possesses weaknesses:

  • Fire and explosions. Face to those, Slimero will get away from it as much as possible by fleeing because otherwise, if he ever gets hit by either of them, he would start to disintegrate.
  • Hot environment. It makes him weaker and also makes him slower when being liquified.
  • Containing him when he's liquefied can work and thus, eliminating him becomes simpler.
  • As long as he does not feel the danger, taking him by surprise while being at a long distance is a possibility.


  • Slimero was based on the gelatinous monster, the Blob.

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