Creator Gallade Medic
Creation May 14 2016
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Caring
Fighting style Melee
All range(Plasma gun)
Abilities Plasma Manipulation
Magical Knives
Healing Factor
Enhanced Marksmanship
Weaknesses Acid
Status Alive
Occupation Defender
Superiors The Watcher (Formerly)
Allies The Watcher
Enemies Thane and Bad Guys

Slasher is a PRL Sniper TF2 Freak Create by Gallade Medic.

His Battle Theme is Starfox 64 OST - Boss B.


In his early life, Slasher was a normal PRL Sniper who was a professional sniper. One day, he followed an unnamed PRL Soldier which they found Thane and his servants, unsuccessfully defeating them and died at his hands. The Watcher found himself a dead body which had been killed by Thane's servants. The Watcher revived the sniper and took him to place. The Watcher asked the sniper that one of the servants had dropped a plasma rifle so it was given to him to test it out. After, The Watcher gave the sniper two magical kukris. There, only he went to attack the enemy for two days. Later, the sniper had completed defeating the enemy and The Watcher gave him one more task, to infiltrate Thane's lair at night. During his infiltration, he found a plasma syringe and took it to The Watcher. He completed yet another task and Torment said for the sniper to try it on and late became "Slasher the Professional Marksman", but the fate of the PRL soldier is still unknown.


He wears an Corona Australis, Mercenaries Boots and the Starduster with A Deep Commitment to Purple while also wielding two knives and a Shooting Star.

Personality and Behaviour

Slasher is a marksman metahuman and is mentally mourning for the loss of his team. He knows stealth skills and seeks revenge for Thane and his servants for what he did to his PRL Team.

Powers and Abilities

After completing two tasks, Slasher was granted the powers of plasma related powers and plasma manipulation.

  • Plasma Ball: Slasher releases an explosive ball to launch it at Freaks.
  • Plasma Aura: This increases his own strength.
  • Plasma Beam: Slasher releases a beam of plasma to finish an adversary off.
  • Magical Kukris: It causes telekinesis and makes him cloaked.
  • Magical Knives
  • Plasma Ball
  • Plasma Aura
  • Plasma Beam

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Slasher can be stunned by an electric attack. 
  • Slasher has a major flaw of him being defeated with acid, which would be able to melt his body.


  • Slasher is based on the enemy from Dead Space of the same name.
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