Slash Midnighter
Slash Midnighter
Creator St Scotty
Creation 6th May 2018
Debut Vigilantes' Crusade: Prologue
Type Magician
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (Not evil)
Attitude self-centered, manipulative, rude but less sadistic and masochistic
Fighting style Range specialist
Abilities Space-Time Magic

Musical Weaponry

Temporal Speed

Supernatural Stamina

Weaknesses Pure Australium

Lack in melee combat

Weaker without her guitar

fragile against aggressive opponent

Status Alive
Occupation former RED scout


Allies Scoutsy

Saint (sometimes rival)

Enemies GateMaster (late-brother)

Cult of Undead

Cosmo Thanatos

Lord Tippler

Slash Midnighter is a PRL TF2 vigilante scout fighting her life as purple unstable Australium user. She's also a younger sister to Gatemaster. She was created by YouTube user: St Scotty

Her theme is Guilty Gear XX - The Midnight Carnival.


Lillian Samara Vixen is a world-class guitarist and regular RED scout. But when the team got assault by Cult of Undead, most of the team got killed including her brother, Johnny, who recently got unstable Australium under the purple bar and took on Cosmo's army. Despite his sacrifice, Lillian discovers the purple bar while running away with the treasure crate given by her brother. Lillian got her power and tries to head back in hope of her brother's survival. However, she found her brother's missing and most of her team's death except BLU spy and her brother's hat. Lillian buries the hat, believing he's dead and began on her quest of vengeance against Cult of Undead. However, she can't do it on her own. Thus she became vigilante music magician, Slash Midnighter. 


Slash is under BLU Custom Femscout model with a purple shirt, pink fast learner, blue Stockbroker's ScarfCurly Hair, purple gloves, Fast Learner and PRL Buck Turner All-Stars. Besides that, Slash also wears purple Crone's Dome and use RED Shred Alert as her main weapon of choice. In addition, she has purple eyes under the effect of unstable Australium.

Personality & Behaviours

Although she's not so evil she's often being a self-centred musician as she constantly believes to be the best guitar mage around. Slash is manipulative and straight up being rude to any other characters (usually men) either mock, insult or cursing at her opponent. However, Slash is less sadistic and masochistic as she's openly lesbian and constantly flirting women over men. However, she stills help anyone who saved her or getting on her good side. Mostly like she helps them as long as they're not hostile.

Powers & Abilities

Much like her late-brother, Slash also wields Space-Time Magic under the effect of unstable Australium through the purple bar. Her power included: 

  • Subspace Travel – Like her late-brother, she can travel to different dimensions including Freak World.
  • Time Stopping – Unlike her late-brother, she is slightly weaker as she can stop time up to 10 seconds.
  • Portal Creation – Slash used her guitar to create portals. However, her portals created only two as tunnels.
  • Gravity Magic – Like late-brother, her unique ability is gravity magic under Space-Time.
  • Spatial-Temporal Awakening (STA) - Learned from her late-brother, STA enables her to trigger her in full potential. Unlike her brother, STA boosts her speed, stamina and magic capacity to help her prolong the battle in range attacks. With STA, she's enabled to create four portals either for transportation, or summoning meteorite per portals and throws them to her opponent. When she decided to finish them off, she drags them to space and stops their momentum to freeze them in place, leaving them helpless. Slash summons two asteroids from portals and crushes them in a pincer. Despite her devastating power-up, Slash only able to trigger her awakening up to 10 seconds with two minutes cooldown.

Additionally, she can use her gravity to create singularity and shockwave to stun her opponent. She also enables to use of gravity for flight and telekinesis by slamming her opponent to the ground or throwing the objects as projectiles. Unlike him, Slash known to specialized with gravity and range. Besides magic, she wields her electronic guitar to cast her spells and seemingly carries with her the whole time. Even without magic, Slash is immune to time stop thanks to her temporal speed. However, she must trigger her temporal speed at the same time or she froze as well. She's also had supernatural stamina, which led her reason how she manages her use of magic much longer than her late-brother as it consumes a large amount of magic. Thus led her even the odds against high-ranking freaks.

Faults & Weakness

Slash may be powerful but she isn't perfect. Although she has supernatural stamina she's mostly known to be range specialist and rarely go for hand to hand combat. Her weakness included:

  •  Like any unstable Australium users, she's weak against Pure Australium as her kryptonite. If she's hit or contact object contains Pure Australium, her powers drain faster to become vulnerable.
  • She becomes weaker without her electric guitar even if she’s still can perform the space-time magic spell.
  • Besides being vulnerable to up-close melee opponent, she’s extremely fragile against very aggressive opponent despite her status as high-ranking freaks. Her lack of defensive options led her to rely on keep away tactics over aggressive attacks.
  • Her rude and self-centred personality usually gets herself in trouble against aggressive freaks, implies that she underestimates her opponent easily.
  • After activate STA, Slash drops most of her defences against her opponent, leaving her easily taken out in a few blows by heavy hitters such as mighty glacier freaks. Evidently, Boston Bloodbasher manages to paralyze her with a single chop on her collarbone, forcing her having difficulty to keep on fighting until reverting back to the base form.
  • When STA used up, Slash becomes vulnerable regardless of her magic capacity, leaving her able to take out in a single hit by heavy hitters. due to her two minutes cooldown.
  • Johnny shows Lillian the purple Unstable Australium bar in the middle of the night.
  • Lillian witnesses Johnny became Unstable Australium user as GateMaster
  • Slash Midnighter stops Boston Bloodbasher's charging momentum with her gravity spell while activating Spatial-Temporal Awakening.

Notable Videos

Vigilantes' Crusade

Vigilantes' Crusade: Prologue


  • Slash Midnighter is more than her aliases as she used it as her stage name.
  • Slash is based on I-No from Guilty Gear series as they share similar abilities and characteristics. However, I-No is more sadistic and masochistic than Slash. Unlike the original character, Slash doesn't make sexually charged comments and using musical references as double entendres against her opponents due to her own sexuality conflict within herself.
  • Slash is named after the English-American guitarist while Midnighter is named after DC heroes, who also openly gay character.
  • Although she may have a purple hand with hand wrap, Slash actually wears fishnet to modified her hand wrap as her personal gloves.
  • Slash's fast learner initially white, but change to pink along with her iris colour turn purple.
  • Ironically, she didn't know her brother is still alive and became undead general for Cult of Undead. But she usually ignores the fact that her late-brother either killed or reanimated, implies that she moves on.
  • Slash is currently on her relationship with BLU female spy, who will be mentioned on rare occasions.
  • Slash is one of the freaks whom based on fighting game/anime character as another freak, Handsome Rogue also part of it as well.
  • In Vigilantes' Crusade, Slash initially doesn't have a power-up in novels until recently added before adapted in comic-book variant videos.
  • Slash and I-No's pose comparison
  • Slash's final design before her first debut in Vigilantes' Crusade
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