Creator chasr34
Creation 11/16/2017
Type Skeleton
Alignment Lawful Neutral beings
Attitude Lazy
Fighting style Unknown
Abilities Besides being lazy, he does have some unknown powers...
Weaknesses It isint really known about the weaknesses of the Skelegineer..
Status Alive..?
Occupation A lazy skeleton engineer
Allies Engineers
Enemies Spies, but other than that is unknown...

The Skelegineer is a RED Team Engineer who has died in battle long ago, but somehow brought back to life... Created by chasr34


Ah, Yes, The Skelegineer, a long dead RED Team engineer who happened to come back to life...somehow. He may have broken shoes and is a skeleton, but it doesn't mean he cant be lazy!

It isn't really known about how he came back to life, but some say he came back to life during the Halloween event, some say he was brought back to life from a crazy and evil medic, and changed to be evil, but other then that, is unknown...

Appearence and Personality 

He is a RED Team engineer but is a skeleton that is somehow alive...? anyways, his personality is what you'd basically expect from an engineer, he is mostly lazy, though it is said that if you ether mess with him, and/or his buildings, he will unleash unknown power...


Nothing is really known about the Skelegineer's abilities... but it has been said that he has some unknown power that others never knew were possible for an engineer, though this is somehow possible because the thing that brought him back to life gave him these powers for evil, though he is too lazy to be evil, and his original personality prevents him to be evil too.


No one really knows about the Skelegineer's weakness, but some say you can kill him the same way you can kill other classes, but some say you need magic or some unknown abilities to kill him...


The Skelegineer, who was created by chasr34 , was inspired by nothing much really, I was bored one day and had the idea of making a freak.

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