Sir Mumbles
Sir Mumbles
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation Oct,26,2016
Debut Pending
Type Robot Knight
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Loyal
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Fire immunity
Shield Bash
Fire breath
Dragon form
Weaknesses Drains power quickly
his own fuel storage
Status Active
Occupation Protecting Royalty
Superiors Royalty
Allies Other Knights
Enemies Thieving BLU Soldiers

Sir Mumbles is a Red Pyro-bot TF2 Freak conceived by Kyuubiman3.

Normal Theme: DK Island Swing - Donkey Kong Country Returns

Attacking Theme: Weldar- Visually-Impaired Welding Torch - Banjo-Tooie


He is a Pyro-bot in the Romevision armour and the Pyromancer's Mask wielding the Barbarian Basher.

Personality and Behaviour

He is calm when greeting people and other Freaks, however if they are not royal he will act completely different. If he sees someone looking like a king or emperor he asks them if they are royalty. If they responed with a negative answer, he will attack the "Importers" with his trusty weapons and rips them apart until death. If they respond in a positive way he will guard them as their Protecter and Champion.

If he sees a wizard he will be happy to see them and to be their guardsman and student so he can learn how to control his fire.

He adventures around the TF2 Freak world in search for his original master and try to defend his home as well even royalty from harm.

Powers and Abititles

  • Enhanced Speed: He colud more faster than Super Scout bot.
  • Fire Breath: He shoot fire from his mouth similar to a dragon.
  • Dragon Form: He grows Wings (Fallen Angel) and grows bigger when in longer battles and has the ability to fly.
  • His head could survive after having his body destroyed also he can charge at people like demoknights can
  • Fire immunity: He is immune to any type of fire.
  • Shield Bash: He bashes his shield against his target to knock them on their feet.
  • Warrior's Way: He bashes his Shield and Axe together to grain extra strength and power for the battle.

Faults and Weakness

  • He weak Sappers due to being a robot.
  • His biggest weakness is that he is visually impaired and can be tricked to work for any Freak if smart enough to know that.
  • His battery drains power from him.
  • His body has as a weak point inside his neck and chest area.
  • His own fuel storage it's filled with a lot of very flammable fuel if it's been ignite inside his body will explode and easily beaten
  • if his body is destroyed his head is left defendless
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