Shimmity is a PNK sniper that can upgrade his mobility. His theme song is Bayonetta - Let's Dance Boys! moved to the speed of 1.25

Shimmity The Smoking Sniper
Creator ThatFireManiac
Creation 2018-02-16
Type Drugged
Alignment Neutral Chaotic
Attitude Strange
Fighting style None
Status Alive
Occupation Eating Fishcakes
Superiors None
Subordinates None
Allies None
Enemies None


Shimmity is a strange and a lunatic, he wears Outback Intellectual and the Pink Summer Hat.


This RED Sniper was just a normal Australian, he sniped like every sniper, he hunted and has problems. But one day he found a box of cigarettes, he smoked one, he kept on smoking them and then he went unconscious, apparently those cigs were filled with piss. He woke up, he felt different, very different.

Behavior & Personality

Shimmity is a crazy lunatic sniper, he has really strange attitude.

Powers & Abilities

Laughable Pace: Shimmity laughs at the enemy when they miss their attack, decreasing their courage, pride and attack speed.

Smoking: Shimmity takes a quick break to smoke, upgrading his speed.

Punches Of Curling: Shimmity punches about 12 to 50 times, but this slows down his reaction time.

Rage: His rage upgrades his speed by 35%, but weakening his strength by 20%.

Fishcakes!: Shimmity throws 1 fishcake at the opponent. Befriending them if the opponent wants to be friends.


  • Shimmity had several different pictures before the final out come
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