Selena by commanderjonas-db9msdu
Creator Commanderjonas
Creation 12/4/2017
Debut Stalking A Thief
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Lawfully Evil
Attitude Calm, Professional
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities High weapon proficiency
Grable hooks
Weaknesses Fragile
Status Alive
Occupation Assasin
Superiors Bruiser
the Dark Mastermind
Selena is a Red TF2 Freak created by YouTube User CommanderJonas.

She is voice-acted by Firehunter397


Selena is a red female sniper who wears a Dread Hiding Hood, Triggerman's Tacticals, Batters Bacers, Scoped Spartans, a spy Bak_buttler, a tactical visor and she is often seen with her sniper-rifle(which uses the Soviet Souvenir as a model).

Personality and behavior

Selena is a calm and cool headed individual. She is a professional who obeys her orders from her superiors without question.

Powers and Abilities

  • High sniper proficiency: Selena is a professional sniper who has plenty of experience in fighting against enemies of many kinds.
  • Pinpoint accuracy: Thanks to her tactical display and training she has reached a point where she will almost never miss any of her shots.
  • Cloak: Selena is equipped with a invisibility cloak that enables her to go invisible. She uses this to set up a shot against a target or get out of a bad situation.
  • Hook: She is carrying a hook-shot that enables her to get to hard to reach places fast. As well as moving fast from place to place.
  • Sniper settings: Her custom sniper rifle has many settings which enables her to take shots she normally could not make. These include Armor piercing ammunition, ricochet shots and non-lethal settings.


  • Low damage tolerance: She is built for stealth and not for front-line combat. She is about as durable as a normal human.
  • Lack of special abilities: With the exception of her advanced sniper rifle and near 100% accuracy she has no special abilities.
  • She cannot use her cloak and her gun at the same time. She needs to decloak in order to fight.
  • Her hand to hand combat is pretty average.


  • Selena has been stuck in an unfinished concept stage since 2014.
  • Her character and ability set is based heavily on the characters Sarah Kerrigan and Nova Terra from the Starcraft franchise.
  • She is the first character created by CommanderJonas to have a voice actor.
  • She is Italian-American.

Notable videos

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