Scycho ready to murder its target
Creator AdmikStudio
Creation November 11th, 2016
Debut Jam Spy VS Scycho
Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Cruel, Careless
Fighting style Mid-range to Melee
Abilities Rage
Double Shotgun
Acid in a Jar
Weaknesses Removal of the mask
Flames or Fire
Any High-rank freak
Status Deceased
Occupation Dead
Subordinates None
Allies Any Medic that is friendly to it
Enemies None

"Say Goodbye."

— Scycho, saying his last words to the victim.

Scycho is a teamless murderer TF2 Freak created by Admik

His theme is Run, Rambi! Run!


Scycho is a scout wearing a brown shirt and a Face Plante He is sometimes seen with a Rosemary or an axe that it stole from its first victim.

Personality and Behaviour

Scycho isn't really friendly, and will mostly kill anything that gets into its path. For an unknown reason, he never kills medics that are friendly to it. It mostly never cares about anything. It kills who it wants to, and it spares who it wants to. It's theorized by some people that when you take its mask off, its face starts burning.


Scycho can be found at Sawmill.

Powers and Abilities


Scycho, when damaged majorly starts raging [Yes, i know. most cliché abilty in every freak ever] and enhances aiming, durability, and melee skill. His shirt during this stage turns in the blink of an eye into a white colored one.

Double Shotgun

He can also pull a scattergun, out of his bag If he pulls out a scattergun, he has a rosemary and a scattergun. [duh.]


Scycho uses an axe as a melee weapon, and he is very good with it. He often uses this only if his opponent got rid of the Rosemary though. Scycho, when still having his Rosemary, uses this weapon upon stealth.

Acid in a Jar

Scycho also has two jars, in one has acid and in the other stores the blood of his victims. We're gonna talk about the acid one. When he throws the jar, the victim's face starts melting. He usually throws it right in the face, to make the victim suffer. After the victim's face is melted, he usually finishes him off with his axe.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Scycho really hates fire, and runs away from it.
  • He isn't very good at fighting high-rank or tough freaks.
  • Removal of the mask starts burning his face, the reason is unknown. Maybe it has to do something with the fire.


Jam Spy unfortunately snapped Scycho's neck, leaving him dead.

Jam Spy VS Scycho

Jam Spy VS Scycho


  • The name Scycho is a combination of psycho and scout.
  • At first the creator wanted to refer to him as an it, but then forgot to write it instead of he so he just went on with it.
  • The creator was officialy going to make a friendly freak, but made an evil one instead.
  • Similarly, he has no idea why he made him friendly to Medics.
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