Scrumps Mcfeathers
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Creator Dontlewdmeimaloli
Creation 1/29/2019
Type Cannibal
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude cannibalistic, aggressive, savage, violent
Fighting style melee to mid-range attacks
Abilities superhuman agility, flight, enhanced stamina, vomit
Weaknesses easily distracted by corpses, vulnerable when eating, cannot survive outside of tropical rain forests
Status alive
Occupation cannibal, predator
Allies Heavydile
Enemies anyone else who enters his jungle

A cannibalistic Demoman bird freak created by


His theme is Ape Escape 3 - Eversummer Island (Part 2)


A drunk Demoman got lost in the jungle and found a parrot and ended up doing things to the parrot, then the parrot laid an egg and Scrumps hatched from the egg. As soon as Scrumps saw his father, he grew full of rage and took his father's machete and killed and dismembered his father, then ate the remains, due to his hunger. After he ate the remains, he quickly grew an appetite for human meat and as soon as he encountered Heavydile, he got into a fight, hoping to eat the deep-voiced heavy, but lost to Heavydile, however Heavydile decided to spare his life due to the one thing they have in common, them being cannibalistic predators, thus earning Scrumps respect, and then they started to hunt together.

Appearance and Personality

A Demoman wearing the Mann-Bird of Aberdeen, a Mann of Seven Sees, and the Prinny Machete.

A cannibalistic Demoman bird freak who constantly hungers for human meat. He absolutely hates seeing people who enter the jungle, other than Heavydile, who earned his respect after beating him in a fight and hunts down anyone he finds in the jungle, sometimes with the help of Heavydile.

Powers and Abilities

With his extreme agility, he quickly slashes and dismembers his victims with his machete so quick, that they don't see coming, however other fast beings with great reflexes can see it coming, thus starting a fight. He can also fly and dodge plenty of attacks.

With his enhanced stamina, he can fight for a really long time, for the fast beings that can see his attacks coming with great reflexes, he most likely can outlast them in the fight.

This Birdman can also vomit on command, and can easily control the volume, speed and rate of his vomit, and is capable of emitting a massive wave of vomit at his enemies, which most of the time stuns his enemies for a second, but he only uses this when he is desperate because he thinks the vomit taints the meat he constantly hungers for.

Faults and Weaknesses

Due to his constant hunger for human meat, he is easily distracted by human corpses and body parts, and will get out of his own way to eat those corpses and body parts, and when he is eating he is vulnerable, buying you time to either injure him or escape from him.

When he is outside of a tropical rain forest,(or jungle) he is severely weakened to the point where he is just an average Demoman and can be easily killed.


  • Scrumps Mcfeathers was inspired by Dic Soupcan, and Heavydile
  • Scrumps Mcfeathers was originally going to be called Scrumpy Feathers but was changed to Scrumps Mcfeathers at the last minute
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