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Creator Hunter Yap
Creation 27 July, 2017
Debut Scaredove's Ultimate
Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Psychotic
Fighting style Mid to long range
Abilities Super human Intellect
Fear Toxins
Weaknesses Barrages
Strong attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Physician
Allies The Blackhearts
Enemies The Wreckers

"Fear, everyone has something to fear..."
Scaredove when taunting someone

Scaredove is a Teamless Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Hunter Yap


Scaredove is a WHT Medic wearing the Planeswalker Helm, Medi-Mask, Surgeon's Side Satchel and the Hangmann. He is heterochromia, his left eye is green while is right eye is red. He is sometimes seen with his Fear Toxin being worn on his back.

Personality & Behavior

Before he went insane and crazy on his research about the human fear, he was William James Auderson, a physician and a scientist, that is cheerful and chill. After going mad on his research about the fear instinct of humans, he became a psychopathic man that is highly sadistic, he will be even experiment to those he kidnapped, and will even torture them.

Powers and Abilities

Although he's a human and doesn't have much in terms of firepower, his knowledge is what makes him a terrifying opponent. His knowledge about the human bodies, health and chemicals allows him to outsmart and defeat his enemies easily. Due to his superhuman intellect, He created a type of toxin/gas that can make others hallucinate their biggest fear when inhaled, scarring them for life, which he simply labelled the toxin as "Fear Toxin".

Apart from his Fear Toxin, he's armed with a pistol that shoots Fear Darts and a Crowbar infused with the gas. He also wore a special gasmask that makes him invulnerable to the toxin.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite being very intelligent, he is still a mortal, meaning any heavy attacks could easily wound or kill him. Also, without his mask, he is not immune to his own gas, meaning taking off his mask is a good option. He is also not very good with hand-to-hand combat.


  • He is heavily inspired from the supervillian Scarecrow from the Batman franchise, as Scarecrow was one of the creator's most favorite villian.
  • He is also one of the founding members of The Blackhearts.
  • Scaredove originally was made by HunterYap as a random character on 27th of July, 2017, but slowly he started liking the character and made him into an official character on 25th September of the same year.
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