scally sniper (scally for short) is a blu alligator like sniper made by the fandom user


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Personality and Behaviour 

scally is usually in his pond but if u go in it or step anywhere near it he will pounce . although when not near his pond he is a nice guy he eats fish and frogs

Powers and Abilities 

if ur near his pond he will either jump up and eat it u whole or crawl out and drag u in or scratch u too death although none of these can harm Yeti heavy so he would have too fist fight him

Faults and Weaknesses 

ike said on powers yeti heavy his rival cant be harmed too bad with scally. he can be shot by a sydney and pas out. and last like yeti heavy scally can be gutted up he thought doesn't have a full heal item


scally is the first sniper concept too own the crocodile set

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