Since I don't know how to make a wiki entry with the alignment stuff, I decided to do it my own way. I thought of an original freak, so I decided to make a rough draft. Is it too OP? What could I change?

Saxxydic Hoovycake
Creator Me.
Creation ???
Debut N/A
Type Hybrid Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Sluggish, short-tempered and psychopathic.
Fighting style Saxxydic uses a brutal tactic in fighting, he'll throw in as much damage as possible and taunt his opponent by using means of psychological or physical damage.
Abilities Primary Abilities:

Omniclass: This ability allows him to use every trait of a TF2 merc (or freak he absorbed) and use it as an advantage.

Absorption: Nuff' said.

Cell Manipulation: This allows Saxxydic to transfer his bodily fluids or cells to another body part, enlarging them, stretching them or transferring blood to a dead bodypart.\

WeeW-Force: WeeW-Force is a powerful projectile that comes in different forms, the forms are color-coded.

-Golden: Gold-Force is a deadly beam that will turn objects or people into an australium statue that will explode into acidic Jarate.

-Dark Red: Dark-Red-Force are two energy constructs that are shaped like either a Pain Train or a Neon Annihilator, the constructs will deal a random negative effect that lasts temporarily.

-Brown: Brown-Force is a single-shot earpiercing sound that drains a quarter of another person's life energy.

-White: A stare that will rip apart the inside-outside of you if you look for too long.

-Green: Green-Force is a Scrumpey-shaped projectile that will make you vomit out your soul if you get hit.

-Red: Red-Force is a long-ranged Holiday Punch that unleashes power and force based on how far an opponent is. If you're too close, you'll laugh until you croak.

Secondary Abilities:

Semen Blast: Saxxydic will open his mouth and a minigun will erupt out of it and shoot 'vanilla ice cream'. This ice cream is very poisonous and toxic, and can rip through copper.

Poot: Saxxydic will summon a dispenser that he can use as a mid-range weapon, a melee weapon or a bomb. The Dispenser shoots random bullets, even fire at some times.

Body Splitting: Saxxydic can clone himself to 1-3 clones or split apart his limbs to his advantage, unfortunately, his power decreases every time he clones himself. If he forms together, his power comes back.

Weaknesses Since Saxxydic is a fusion of the genes of Painis Cupcake, Seeman, Hoovydundy, Dic Soupcan and weirdly Saxton Hale. He'll possess the negative traits of each of them, Dic's alcoholism, Painis's cannibalistic urge and being prone to bullets. The thing is that these traits are greatly amplified. Saxxydic is also vulnerable to means of explosives or sharp weapons. He is very slow when fighting and easily distracted, he is not skilled in any tactics and is very stupid.
Status In hiding.
Occupation Outlander
Superiors Burningdek and Splooy.
Subordinates N/A
Allies Nobody, 'allies' end up being supper.
Enemies The entirety of Freak Fortress 2.
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