Creator Xho
Creation 2014
Type Android
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Determined, ruthless
Fighting style Short to mid range
Abilities Enhanced strength
Technological enhancements
Status Alive
Occupation Supersoldier
Superiors Overseer
Allies Juggernaut

Project S4-R1N, also known as Sarin is a BLK Pyro Concept created by Xho, and is one of the operatives of Pavor Nocturnus. She wears a Rugged Respirator and a Death Support Pack.


In efforts to improve the basic Automaton design, the research facilities at Pavor Nocturnus believed it to be financially impossible to fully re-fit the entire Automaton program to become supersoldiers. However, the fruits of the concepts did green-light an idea for two androids - one of which was Sarin, and the other Castor. Fitted with a feminine personality, Sarin was designed to contrast Castor's more grounded and physically powerful characteristics with a highly acrobatic and stealth-oriented combat programming.

Personality and Behaviour

Created with a far more advanced personality than her male counterpart, Sarin is a far more refined android than Castor, which was essential for her eventual design as a fast-moving android. Advanced enough to the point where she is indistinguishable from a human, many fail to assess Sarin's faster reflexes and cognitive abilities which make her a highly dangerous opponent.

Powers and Abilities

Though not a particularly hard-hitter, Sarin's unique use of translocation technology - that is, teleportation in combat, can sometimes give off the impression that there are multiple androids in the battlefield. Her highly effective acrobatic programming allows her to evade many situations as well as operate on a speed approaching that of Trailblazer. Whereas Castor is built with a power boost, Sarin is built with a speed boost at a similar cost of fatigue (or overheating).

Faults and Weaknesses

Sarin was not designed with heavy ordnance in mind, and is only marginally tougher than the weaker automatons in Pavor Nocturnus' ranks, and also possesses a similar degree of physical strength. Although a less predictable enemy than Castor, Sarin's reliance on close range has created a strong weakness in her inability to deal with long-ranged attacks.

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