Sarah Vale
Creator Hellman aka UselessTeam
Creation 13.03.2013
Debut Pumpkin Men's Training
Type Undead
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Weapon Copying
Weaknesses Sunlight
Holy Weapons
Status Resurrected
Occupation A minion
Superiors Lord Fillium
Subordinates Pumpkin Men
Pumpkin Duke
Allies Jamie Malcolm†
Undead Assassin
Enemies Pretty much everyone
Sarah Vale is a RED undead mummy TF2 Freak created by a user named Hellman aka UselessTeam.

Her theme is Genghis Khan Peace Theme from Civilization V.


Sarah Vale was born in New Hampshire 1988, the same year as Jamie(the Male Mummy) was born. Her father worked at the military as a electrician engineer and her mother worked at the municipal services as a secretary. Her upbringing was less independent and she and her younger brother were very fond of their parents. She studied hard but had it hard with the social life. She didn't have many friends and sometimes had to endure bullying from others, leaving her totally depressed some days. The whole thing changed however as Sarah joined collage. There she met new friends. She was happy with her new friends and continued to study, as hard as ever.

During their time at collage, Jamie and Sarah became close friends and would later  even  fall in love. They later decided to share student-apartments. At the collage they met another friend, named John (who would later become Undead Assassin)who was eventually studying to become an assasin.But during one autumn night 2012 after a party celebrating the end  of studying and a successful assasin job getting,they were ambushed by a "mysterious masked killer" and all the three of them died. They were all three later ressurected under mysterious circumstances. While Undead Assassin was granted strange powers, Jame and Sarah had to depend on a more savage way of melee-based combat. The both of them became known as the Mummy Lovers for their bandaged bodies and their sexual and emotional attraction to each other.

They are also responsible partly for the creation of Synthesia as they gave their DNA to SynthetMedic when he was their ally.

However, Stahlmann killed Jamie after SynthetMedic betrayed Lord "Hellman" Fillium. Now, Sarah is all alone, even bitter then before, she vowed to kill SynthetMedic no matter what.

By the order of Fillium, she kidnapped Dove to bring her to Stahlmann who was resurrected with SynthetSpy's spirit sharing the same body.

Jamie's origin can be found here above Sarah's.

Appearence and Personality

Sarah is a RED Femscout wearing Voodoo-Cursed Scout Soul, Wrap Battler and B-ankh! She is an aggressive zombie commander of Pumpkin Men.

Before Jamie Malcolm's death she was inseparable from him. Now, she stands alone, more bitter then ever.

Abilities and Powers

The only ability she has is copying her enemy's weapons. If a demoman had Scottman's Skullcutter, she would have it as well.


Since she was resurrected by a demon this made her weak to holy weapons. If she does die from it she dies by exploding and releasing a cloud of concentrated evil.

As any undead would be she is weak to sunlight. But she doesn't burn under it. She only loses her copying power. She can still fight with her bare hands. That won't go well for her however since she is only a scout.


Her backstory was written by a former friend of Sarah's creator and a DeviantART user Tigerfaceswe who also wrote Jamie's Malcolm. He also did Undead Assassin's origins.

Both Sarah and Jamie are british, but lost the accent after resurrection.

They used to speak only together, but eventually started speaking normally.

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