Sadistic Medic
Sadistic Medic
Creator McBuster
Creation February 22, 2017
Type Creep
Alignment Choatic Evil
Attitude Sadistic, Homicidal
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Inhuman Strength
Dark Forest Reality
Visual Disruption
Weaknesses Normal Medic durability
Long range attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Subordinates Cult Minions
Allies Flexile Sentry Pyro
Enemies Anyone

Sadistic Medic (or Forsaken Medic) is a creepy RED Medic TF2 Freak

His theme is: In the Hall of the Zombie King - Banjo-Tooie


He was a unstable Medic working at cp_gravel pit and was tired of healing his team that never thanked him for is hard work and always abandoned in fights intel he found a skull that whispered him to put it on and when he did it made him angry and more unstable and when he heard a Gibus wearing Heavy screaming "MEDIC!" over and over he finally snapped and killed everyone on his team now he wants to kill people... forever.

Personality and Behaviour

He a cold hearted Medic that loves to torture his victims for days sometimes he will stalk his victims before taking them to his dark reality and he will sometime slowly eat his victims while their still alive


He appears to be wearing Nunhood, Shaman's Skull and Angel of Death

Powers and Abilities

  • Inhuman Strength: He more stronger then a normal Medic and could punch though a heavy with ease.
  • Teleportation: Sadistic Medic can teleport himself short distances mostly doing so to distract and lead his victims to their death.
  • Dark Forest Reality: If he sees a isolated individual he'll then proceed to warp the reality around him, forcing himself and his would-be victim into a nightmarish forest reality full of blood and shadows.
  • He can summon his only ally Flexile Sentry Pyro to help him fight or kill someone in any situation.
  • Visual Disruptions: This ability triggers by his presence and causes the reality to slowly turn dark and unsettling.

Faults and Weakness

  • Sadistic Medic has never been seen with powerful TF2 freaks making his powers uncertain
  • Since only his only way of attacking requires being close to the victim. It might be possible to neutralize him from a distance with ranged powers/weaponry
  • Despite his inhuman strength Sadistic can be overpowered by powerful attacks


  • His appearance was inspired by SCP-1471-A
  • the Visual disruptions are similar to the effect of SCP-895
  • Technically It's the skull that the Medic is wearing is the true freak and is using the Medic's body as his host.
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