Cp granary0057
Creator Hellkry
Creation 12/2/15
Debut Pending.....
Type Freelance scientist and soldier
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Serious, Friendly
Fighting style Medium - Long Range
Abilities Energy Cannon Drone Healing Drone Firepower
Weaknesses Low Attack Power
Status Alive
Occupation Freelance Militant
Superiors ???
Subordinates ???
Allies ???
Enemies The Feral

Civil Soldier

Rubrik is a YLW Engineer TF2 Freak Made By Youtuber Hellkry

His battle theme is Fallout 4 OST Dominant Species


Rubrik had joined the HECU, scared for his life, until a friend of his helped him through fighting through all types of ghastly things.He and his friend quit the HECU and his friend who by then called himself Civil Soldier, wanted to make his own military regiment,Rubrik decided to help him anyway. Civil Soldier and Rubrik had the idea to create super soldiers, capable to flip tanks take heavy arms fire, and have extreme reaction time. Rubrik hesitated to say yes, but he will regret it. One fateful evening they were experimenting on the formula, they had did it, a perfect serum to make their dream work, they released the subjects and chaos erupted. Left and right workers helping were slaughtered by the "Super" soldiers while running away one particular feral had ripped Rubrik's arm off, Civil Soldier helped him escape. After the failed experiment Rubrik has made Civil Soldier his rival for all of this he caused. Now Rubrik is a machinist and freelance soldier, fighting for what he finds right.

Personality and Behavior

Every since the accident he has been quite serious, but is helpful to others when in need. But around his close friends he seems more cheerful, but towards combat he is almost dead serious, due to him knowing true fear.

Powers and Abilities

He has a YLW Gunslinger that he can change into a small energy cannon in the shape of the short circuit, it fires quickly but does low damage, it's more effective on more human-like fragile opponents. As well as his cybernetic parts he has a small drone that he controls with his Pit-Boy, it has a small minigun at the bottom, and can release a healing aura for his teammates and himself. Due to his cybernetic parts he has large durability, making him able to take hits from very high ranked freaks.

Faults and Weaknesses

He has very low attack power and is weak to most electrical attacks, aswell as EMP blasts.


Rubrik is incredibly inspired by Energneer and a tad bit of Defender

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