Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Rorshak undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Creator Hellkry
Creation 1.19.16
Debut Pending
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Jovial, Protective
Fighting style Melee - Long Range
Abilities Healing
Enchanted Wrench
Nature Manipulation
Geometric Attacks
Enhanced Durability
Small Tremors Attacks
Strong Rock Armor
Rock Armor Healing
Earth Mimicry
Earth Pillars
Weaknesses Attacks towards the earth
Slow Speed
Tremors can shake him aswell
Pillars can be knocked down
Status Protecting the Earth
Occupation Self Proclaimed Earth Protector

Rorshak is a GRN Engineer freak created by Youtuber Hellkry


Rorshak was GRN engineer who fantasied about being a hero, not only that but he had a love for nature. He thought that he had a destiny to save the freak world but of course he didn't. One day while waiting for his "turning point" in his own "destiny" but something actually happened. He found a crack in the ground, curious he put his wrench in it to open it, instead it filled his wrench and himself with nature themed powers. Then he sought out to fulfill his "destiny" to save everyone.

Personality and Behavior

He is very nice and friendly, he would rather befriend someone then fight them on sight. If the person fights him, he will fight but a majority of the time, they will regret it. He is very protective of his friends, he will attack who ever threatens his friends.

Abilities and Powers

His wrench is enchanted, so he can either attack with it with a high amount strength, or use it to cast his nature healing. He can heal himself or someone or something else with his wrench. Due to him being given nature and geometrical manipulation, he can raise sharp and tall or even short rocks to impale enemies. He can also sending pulses to the ground causing the earth to shudder cause small tremors. He was given enhanced durability and peak human endurance. He can manipulate the earth to create a set of rock armor, that surprisingly is quite strong, while using this armor, the rock heals him restoring his endurance and healing wounds, with that he can cast it on other people. If he's losing a fight, or need to travel, he can transform into rock and move through the earth, or he can make platforms out of rock to travel with a higher altitude.

Weaknesses and Faults

Like a tree, Rorshak isn't very fast, if he were to run, he would be caught quite easily. He has low defense for a freak, he can be took down with large arms fire, Enhanced Strength or Super Human Level hits. His tremors obviously shake the ground but they not only shake the ground, but they shake him and any other allies or enemies. His pillars can be broke easily which can slow him down.

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