Rick Chucklehead
Type Maniac
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Absolutely crazy
Fighting style Random
Abilities Seemingly Limitless
Weaknesses Seemingly Limitless
Status Uncertain
Occupation Buffoon
Allies Harold Dumbbell

Rick Chucklehead is a heavily insane TF2 Freak created by YouTube user ÄŅĐŖÖMËĐÄ.

His theme song is Slider from Super Mario 64.

Appearance and Personality

Rick is similar to any normal Scout, but he wears a white shirt with white camouflage Blizzard Britches, Hot Heels and a Whoopie Cap.

Rick is random in both actions and words, he even travels to long distances by rolling and flailing his body around, screaming loudly while doing so. He is shown to be retarded, and oblivious to the dangers around him. He sometimes acts similar to Jeffy from the SuperMarioLogan channel, smacking his crotch while making grunting noises.

Powers and Abilities

Rick can spawn anything out of the blue, like: a cow, other TF2 Freaks, trees, mountains, planets, etc. He can also mimic the voices of TF2 classes, memes, YouTubers, video game characters, etc.

Rick shows that he is unstoppable with his durability, he can get chopped up, get shot by a mercenary, get stabbed to death, fall from great heights, and get set on fire, and make it look like a breeze.



  • Rick has the same mannerisms and personality as Stu Pidface and Soljah.
  • He clearly hates the show Kid Vs Kat, as he calls the show stupid.
  • He had an encounter with Ass Pancakes once, and thought he was the Domino's Pizza delivery guy.
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