Creator KingCobra7
Creation April 4, 2020
Debut Striker: Origins
Type Corrupted humans
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Various
Fighting style Various
Abilities Peak human characteristics
Class-based weaponry
Weaknesses Light
Class-based weaknesses
Status Increasing
Occupation Mercenaries
Superiors Their general† (Formerly)
Commander Black (Supreme)
Pyreaper (Immediate)
Medimancer (Immediate)
Higher ranked Replicants (Immediate)
Subordinates Lower ranked Replicants
Allies Other Replicants
Enemies Striker

The Replicants are a large army of BLK mercenary TF2 Freak concepts who work for Commander Black. They were created by YouTube user KingCobra7.


The Replicants were once an army of BLU mercenaries who worked for a powerful BLU team faction lead by their cruel Medic general. They participated in many battles against RED and mostly failed, due to their second-in-command's battle plans being poor and dubious.

One day, Commander Black took them to attack a RED base under the command of his general, where RED was performing unknown experiments. They fought against the opposing RED mercenaries while Commander Black entered the base, recovered the "Blood Crystal", and gained his god-like dark powers.

After slaughtering his general, who attempted to dispose of him, the Commander then rallied the would-be Replicants into the main room of his base, where he told them his plan for conquering the TF2 Freak World. Afterwards, he killed them all without hesitation, for fear that they would start a revolution to try and stop him.

After turning his bodyguard into Pyreaper, Commander Black then began to conduct an experiment involving the Blood Crystal to create a special serum. He then used the serum on his dead mercenaries, and they were then reborn as Replicants.

They have been obeying their commander ever since, and have been increasing their numbers through the serum being injected into the bodies of other mercenaries across the TF2 Freak World who they have killed.

Appearance and Personality

The Replicants take the form of any BLK team mercenary, male or female, ranging from Scout to Spy (and with some of them being deathmatch Mercenaries). The only thing distinguishing them from common mercenaries are their red pupils in their eyes, displaying that they have been corrupted by the serum. Some of them wear class-based cosmetics, colored the same as their team orientation.

Each Replicant possesses a personality that each class would normally have. For example, Scout Replicants are arrogant and talkative while Demoman Replicants are drunk and oblivious. Otherwise, they loyally follow orders given by their superiors, as their dark magic-corrupted minds force them to.

When in the presence of Commander Black, they are prone to being terrified and nervous, even when not within his fear aura. However, they remain indifferent towards Pyreaper and Medimancer, as they are somewhat less terrifying.

Powers and Abilities

Each Replicant utilizes class-specific weapons from their arsenal. For example, Soldier Replicants use rocket launchers, Pyro Replicants use flamethrowers, Heavy Replicants use miniguns, Spy Replicants use knives, etc.

Also, due to having dark magic flowing through their veins, they are more durable, stronger, faster, and have more endurance than normal mercenaries.

They are also able to quickly overpower their opponents when in large enough numbers.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Despite their partially enhanced toughness, they are still fragile in comparison to most Freaks.
  • They are vulnerable to light-based attacks.
  • They are still weak against their class-specific weaknesses.

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