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Creator VictorLinear
Creation October 12th 2016
Type Mimic
Alignment Various
Attitude Various
Fighting style Various
Abilities Copies Appearances

Copies Targets Powers and Abilities

Weaknesses Copies Faults and Weaknesses
Status Active
Occupation Mimicer

Replica is a Teamless TF2 Monster made by VictorLinear


Replica hails from a 10th century era. Mimicing others to eat and kill to live. Replica went dormant which stopped his aging for a unknown reason.


Replica has no true form what so ever, instead copying others in the TF2 Freak World.

When not having anything suitable to copy it goes dormant.


Personality and Behavior

Replica copies others appearances or voices, even luring others with the sound/voice of a hurt/dying creature in order to attack them.

Powers and Abilities

Replica's main ability, like a mimic, is able to turn into any living being/creature/object and act exactly like it, including it's voice, personality all along the way retaining their desire for trickery and to feast on any victims who are tricked into someone needs help.

Faults and Weaknesses

Any form it copies also sometimes copies it's weakness, it's easy to tell something isnt right if the Fault one freak has isnt working like it's supposed to.


  • Replica is based on a Mimic from DnD.
  • Mimic's actually can only turn into objects not people.
  • Xho has made a Mimic as well.
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