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Creator SpyCrabington654
Creation 07.05.2020
Debut Never coming out...
Type Angel
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Brave
Fighting style All-range
Abilities Angelic Biology
Holy Magic
Fire Magic
Water Magic
Sun Magic
Expert hand-to-hand combatant
Master in different types of weaponry
Weaknesses Physical Damage
Her own attitude
Reliance on Holy Magic
Characters, that are immune to fire
Heavy armored freaks
Status Alive
Occupation Ambassador of angels on Earth(self-proclaimed), monster hunter
Superiors None
Allies Hastur(husband)
Old Gun
Enemies Amarth

"See? Women can fight as good as men too, and you should stop worrying over my safety. I've been in many fights before I met you, and, as you can see, made it to our time in one piece. "

— Remiel, talking to Hastur after a battle

Remiel is a Teamless Female Scout, created by SpyCrabington654. Her standart theme is Sabaton - Winged Hussars. Her battle theme is Final Fantasy 15 Episode: Ardyn - Regis Boss Theme.


Remiel is a BLK Fem Scout, that wears a TF2 Hex - Boston Watch, TF2 Hex - Track Runner(painted red), Transparent Trousers and Forest Footwear.


From information, that P.I.A have gathered from many conversations with her, Remiel (human name - Maria) is, indeed, a real angel, that once defended Heaven's Gate. As she claims, about 200 years ago, The Conclave of New Dawn(basically, angelic goverment) sent her on Earth as the ambassador of angelic forces there and the protector of human kind. Before her leave, angels also said that Remiel must restrain her powers in order to not destroy the planet while defending it. However, from what P.I.A has heard in rare talks with Conclave's members, their version of what's happened was different. They say that Remiel was actually banished from Heaven and had a large amount of her power taken away as a sort of punishment for a crime she commited(however, Conclave doesn't give any information or details on what exactly Remiel did). But, what was the reason why she fell on Earth doesn't matter to us now. When Remiel first arrived on our planet, she felt confused and lost. A whole unknown world has opened before the angel, and she didn't know what do, except to look for any demon or monster nearby and kill it. Thankfully(or not), she happened to teleport next to the small city, that was currently besiged by a horde of imps. When she spotted it, Remiel did, what did best: rushed into battle and vanquished all demons with her angelic powers. Villiagers ran onto the streets to thank their savior, when everything was finished. The first, who ran to Remiel, was, of course, the church priest. He said "Look, my parishioners! God hasn't forgotten about us! He sended us his warrior to save us in the time of need!". With a confused expression on her face, Remiel asked what this praising all about. The priest only smiled: "How else we can thank you, our champion of light, for risking your life in battle against the evil?". ""Thank me?", you say. Then, I would like to ask you to have a talk with me. That would be the best reward." Remiel answered. They had a chat, that lasted till evening, where the priest explained what in the country(our angel hero actually landed in France.) and somewhat in the world. At night, however, P.I.A agents (by that time, P.I.A was a part of the church as its soldiers and monster hunters) arrived at the city when the heard of what happened here. When they found Remiel, agents were astonished to find an actual angel and immediatly started begging her to go with them. Understanding, that she requires more information about this world, Remiel agreed. And for next 200 years, she carried on with a flag of P.I.A on her back, helping out the weak and defenceless and slaughtering demons from time to time. Her kindness, bravery and self-giving were an inspiration to many soldiers and any other person she met. Essentially, she is responsible for Hastur joining P.I.A. About 12 years ago, during one of her scouting flight, Remiel encountered our future hunter, fighting a large demon. Not just simple demon - a real archdemon, and Hastur has been dealing impressive to the moster. After seeing that, she rushed into a fight, swiping weakened monster with a blast of angelic energy. When dust settled, Hastur, impressed by such a thing, thanked her for such a impressive interference. Remiel, smilingly, asked, what was the warrior doing here. "I was just minding my own business, when that red bloated fellow appeared. And I've met his lesser bretheren before, but, must admit, he seemed a rather big step up from they were. Anyway, I should head back to my business. Was nice meeting you and...". Before he finished, Remiel asked why he was here.

"I'm a nomad. Wandering over the world in a search for some sort of purpose. Something, that will help me settle my ass somewhere and start doing something worthy in my life. And what of you, m'lady?" Hastur replied.

"I'm Remiel, wanderer. I'm a hunter of the P.I.A. My mission is to protect humanity from the monsters, similar to that you've encountered."

"Hell of a description for a job, Remiel. Bet it can make a fortune, if you print it on some badges or something like that."

"I have no interest in making money out of anything, I have my satisfaction in simply doing my job: saving others from hellish fiends, that occasionally litter this world with their presence."

"Huh. You definetly not into the humor, but, I guess, that will do.Tell me more of this job of yours then".

Essentially, they had a long talk, where Hastur and Remiel opened a bit to each one another. Sitting next to a campfire, that Hastur lit up in the middle of the conversation, Remiel asked:

"Would you like to join P.I.A, Hastur?"


"You said, you're a nomad. You wanted to find your purpose in life. So, why don't you give the cause of P.I.A a chance?"

"Welp, I don't know, do I really need to find this purpose, and..."

"Come on, I'm not asking you to go full-on fanatic about it. I'm only asking to come with me and give it a try. This world needs good hunter for demons. And, if you managed to stand on your own in a fight with archdemon, you're a best option for hunter. Plus, if you join it, we can see each one another more oftenly."

They've looked at each other, and Remiel, smilingly, added:

"I've really enjoyed our talk and was hoping for more of it."

Hastur went silent for a second, then said:

''Alright, Miss Roadblock, you've won. Count me into your P.I.A and stuff. Where I need to sign up?"

After that, Hastur started training in P.I.A and became Remiel's partner. The battlefield bonded them, turning their pair into the deadliest duo in the organisation. With Hastur's strategic mindset and Remiel's bravery, they were unmatched. Of course, they bonded not only as team, but also as friends. Both brave, heroic and unwilling to surrender, they quickly found their way of communication. And, for their case, friendship became romance, that even ended up with marriage, that, by now, lasted for 5 years. And we hope that it will last a long while and go through everything without breaking. Demons should really prepare themselves, for a very powerful couple is coming for them. And, boy, we don't envy them.

Personality and Behaviour

Remiel, on the first glance, is a very definition of the word "angel": she always helps those that are in need, will hear you out, never swears, acts bravely on battlefield, is a loving wife, the list goes on. But she's a bit more than a good-doer: she hates to sit without anything to do; due to her age of thousands of years, she likes to point out that she knows better and does thinghs her way, even if it ends up being the wrong solution; she's sometimes hard to make think otherwise; she can say everything to someone's face without thinkin twice and will not apologize for it(like us, not until considers the opposite) and majorly rushes to a fight without any strategy.

Power and Abillities

As I previosly mentioned, Remiel was a very serious figure in Heaven back then. She once managed to single-handedly defeat Amarth and his demon army during hell lord's most devastating campaign on God's domain. But, a lot of time went since that, and Remiel powers have been severly decreased, but even now she is a force to reckon with.

  • Angelic Biology - Remiel is easily one of the strongest character in this story, alongside Hastur, Sky Breaker, Gravus, Constantine, Amarth, Devonus, Shatter and some others. Although she is not as physicaly strong and durable as her husband, Remiel is still capable of dishing out very heavy punches, that can break even a very durable armor or opponent. Her main attribute, however, is speed. Combined with her magic, Remiel can move on the speed of light, outmaching almost everyone's reaction speed in 1000x of times. Also, as an angel, she is immune to, pretty much, every type of poisoning, intoxication, radiation exposure, has a strong healing factor, is biologicaly immortal and is immune to mind manipulations and telephathy(like Hastur, even to a very powerful types of those two things).
  • Flight - A spell, that all angels have from the birth. It doesn't require mana cost from Remiel and allows her to travel large distances in a small amount of time.
  • Holy Magic - Main type of magic. With it, Remiel can create different golden-yellow constructs, amplify her own spells or somebody else's, cleanse curses and corruptions, fire very powerful blasts of angelic energy in different ways, summon angelic familiars, heal wounds of others and her own, charge her blade for more deadly attacks, banish demons back to their homeworlds, undo almost every necromancy or dark magic spell, block opponent's dark abilities, create very powerful barriers, making clones and "the tricks of light", etc.
  • Fire and Water Magic - Remiel doesn't use those two very often. Main spells are creating powerful blasts of magic, water tentacles, fire and water barriers, creating a fog, summoning water creatures, firing large arrow-like from her palms or meteorite-like fire projectiles from the sky.
  • Sun Magic - Rarely used due to destructive potentional. Heavely derives from holy magic. Most three used or known spells are "Sun Mark", "Heaven's Light" and "The Angelic Judgement". "Sun Mark" creates a small symbol on opponent, causing the second a great pain while the spell is active and allows Remiel to know exactly where her enemy is located. "Heaven's Light" turns all sunlight in the small area into lasers, that can do immence damage to enemy, if they are not careful. Finally, "The Angelic Judgement" fires a large beam of energy from sun itself, resulting in catastrophical damage to the area. The damage and power of the beam can be changed by Remiel herself. The strongest blast is estimated to be capable of destroying 3 or 5 states.
  • Expert in melee combat - Remiel is a very good fighter, sword user, spearman, chevalier and musketeer due to her very long lifespan and combat expirience.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Physical Damage - Altough Remiel is a very strong in terms of raw strenght and durability, she still is not as good at it as her husband, Hastur. She can overpowered by sheer brute force, but it would still take a very strong freak to do that.
  • Her own attitude - During their training fights, Hastur was able to beat Remiel because of her lack strategy, and he oftenly mentions it to her before the fight. Meaning, a strong freak with a tactical mind can defeat Remiel.
  • Reliance on Holy Magic - Due to being an angel, Remiel's magic mostly targets demons, undead and masters of dark magic. Cyborgs, supersoldiers, the rest of magicians and crazy experiments are more protected from her large specter of magic.
  • Freaks, that are immune to fire - Those characters, that have some sort of protection from fire or are made of lava, rock, etc., are more or less safe from Remiel's fire and somewhat sun spells.
  • Heavy armored freaks - Her spells are very deadly even for a freaks with an armored skin, so it would a better idea to get a strong set of armor, so that you won't take too much damage personally.


  • Like Hastur, Remiel was heavily rebuilt due to limitations of Gmod. Her original look would be more priestess-like and she would have a long type hair, without any glasses and other stuff.
  • Has several nicknames. Most common are "Reime", "Sunlight" and "Los Angelos Local".
  • Enjoys singing and playing basketball.
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