Supreme Master Leader Red Shield
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/23/2018
Debut Debut
Type Unknown human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Tyrant
Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Proxy

Money inflation


Mind manipulation


Time warp

Weaknesses Unknown
Status At large
Occupation Mastermind


Subordinates B.A.N.C.

Some mind-corrupted TF2 Freaks

Allies None
Enemies Humanity

All TF2 Freaks

Supreme Master Leader Red Shield, or simply known as Red Shield, is a BLK Spy freak that planned to run the war between all humanity, Gmod Freaks and all TF2 Freaks. He was created by TeslatTitanicX.


He was a BLK Spy working in a Federal Reserve Bank in USA, until attacked by a couple of thieves, vandalizing property and killed civilians inside the bank. A spy swore a revenge by bribing everyone to fight each other for power. Sometime later, he visit Merasmus lair to giving him a curse to become a mastermind to run the war. As the result, he have become a mastermind named Red Shield.

Appearances and behavior:

Red Shield appears to be BLK Spy with Red Shield and BLK colored Octospi. He seems taking revenge against humanity and freaks. He made a plan to wipe them all, spreading lies to fight so he will give them money to fight for him, since they do not know the fight was his plan.

Powers and abilities:

Red Shield is capable of being the richest freak. He can bribe anyone to do something dirty which may caused chaos, riots and also the war and genocide. Because he has been cursed, he can be appear in mind manipulation which he can urged any opponent to fight against other opponent. He also can teleport from one place to another and he can inflate or deflate money from the bank so the civilians will declare war on each other to get their money back. After his original form died, he can re-spawn back as an Uber-Red Shield. However his rage form absorbs money and any priceless objects such as gold to gain more power to destroy everything. He also can make ally turned enemy by saying they were selfish and care about their own dreams instead of caring for patriotism. Red Shield can time warp, he either can go back to the past or stops time.



Faults and weaknesses:

He seems to be a demonic-like freak since he is too evil enough to run the war. Only Angels and good Demons can stop Rothschild since they both have mystical powers. However, angels and other mystical freaks cannot be affected by Red Shield's proxies and they can see him through mind manipulation such as Dr. Schadenfreude. The burning of money and gold can weaken him since his source was from any currencies.


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