Rp evocity v2d0064
Creator Hellkry
Debut Pending....
Type Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Angry
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Feral Call
Meat Hook
Enhanced Stock Feral Abilities
Weaknesses Low Defence
Status Roaming
Occupation Speader Of Feral
Superiors ???
Subordinates Other Alpha Feral
Allies Feral
Enemies All things not feral.

Reaver is a ORG Pyro TF2 Monster created by Youtuber Hellkry.

His Stalking Theme is Piece for Two Fingers by Kevin Macleod.


Reaver was a ORG Pyro who had took part in a Engineer's and a Soldier's experiment. After the experiment failed, he had ran out and ripped the Engineer's arm off and ravaged the place, but one thing it had noticed about itself, that he could think, hear his own thoughts and not be ruled by his primal thoughts that his brethren had. He found and armed himself with a meat hook, and it seemed that he felt a hive mind connection with other Feral, he could feel their hunger, their pain. He realized he call to the feral bring them to feed. And he has been roaming every since.


Reaver is a ORG Pyro with a Person in the Iron Mask colored that is painted Mann Co. Orange and doesn't carry the normal Pyro backpack.

Abilities and Powers

Due to him being a Feral he has stock Feral abilities. He has a Meat Hook that he can use to grapple building if his jumps are not large enough. As well can be used as a somewhat medium range throw. He seem to be a "alpha" Feral he has enhanced feral abilities, his jumps are higher, his strength is enhanced as well.

He is more intelligent then normal feral, he isn't as primal as his brethren.


He is very frail, he is a Feral so his durability is low. He may be intelligent FOR A FERAL, so he is not entirely smart.


The reason the character exists was because Hellkry wanted to make a butcher character with out making a CBS or a P.C rip-off.

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