Creator ThatFireManiac
Creation 2018-02-28
Type Spirit
Alignment Neutral
Attitude Quiet
Fighting style Dambe & Kalari Payat
Weaknesses Killing him within Physical form
Status Alive
Occupation At HQ
Superiors Aceline
Subordinates None
Allies The Velassenen 6
Enemies None

Quote is a PRL Sniper created by ThatFireManiac.

His theme song is Bloody Stream Instrumetal.


Quote wears the Starduster, Scoped Spartan and Bait & Bite.


Legend has it, he also fought in the same war as Danne, but if you ask any of the members that fought beside Danne, no one will hear of the name Quote; even Danne himself won't even know. He lies mysteriously under a coat of Memory. It has also said he died after the war after from being assassinated.

Personality & Apperance

Quote personality isn't really that open, he lays mysterious and doesn't say a single word in combat or not.

Powers & Abilities

Between Life & Death: This allows him to switch between his physical form and spiritual form.

Double Turn: Summons his weapon, Daburubureido.

Fighting Stance: Increases strength and durability in physical form, but decreases speed and reaction time to any attacks.

Dead Silence: Makes the opponent confused or dizzy.

Haunted Flashbacks: This power makes the opponent have a flashback of a horrible time in their life, making them enter a time of slow attacks.

Weaknesses & Faults

He is able to be killed, within his physical form he is able to touch things like a human body would do. This means if you killed his physical form he can't use Between Life & Death. He also won't be able to use Haunted Flashbacks.


  • No trivia, lol
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