Queen Femevra Scoutabi
Creator GmodViolet
Creation 23 February 2019
Debut Pending
Type Alien
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Selfless, sweet
Abilities Shapeshifting
Block creation
Golem creation
Status Alive
Occupation Queen
Subordinates Iris (Best friend)
Demopan (Bodyguard)
Her subjects and servants

Queen Femevra Scoutabi is a Teamless multicolored Femscout TF2 Freak created by GmodViolet.


Queen Femevra Scoutabi appears as a Femscout with a red torso, yellow arms, purple hair, orange legs and skirt, a pinkish face and wearing a crown.

Behavior and Personality

She's a cheerful person who's goal is to live in a world of peace where everyone getting along. Sadly, she can comes off as suspicious because of her communication problems.

To be able to create the world she dreams of, she tries her best to being friends with many people as possible by trying to appeal to them by offering gifts that suit their interests with the help of Iris. However, for getting those kind of gifts, the condition is to not being evil and to being her subject.

Her servants and subjects are very loyal to her because of that, but all of them are also very thankful and appreciate her.

Powers and Abilities

One of the queen power is to create and manipulate blocks of various colors that she can use to blocking attacks by creating walls. Those blocks are quite durable and can for example withstand explosions. She can as well, throw those blocks as projectiles after making them appears. Recently, she managed to creating golems with her blocks and she uses them as her bodyguards. Those golems are quite powerful and durable but are slow.

She also possess another power that she still improve that allows her to shapeshifting her body. For now, she can only shapeshift her hands into colorful weapons such as axes, boxing gloves and some other.

Queen Femevra Scoutabi can also counts on her many servants and subjects for protecting her. For the moment, she recruited one bodyguard who's none than other than Demopan after she gifted him a golden frying pan, an hat of undeniable wealth and respect as well as a king of Scotland cape.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Even if Queen Femevra Scoutabi is able to fight, she restrain from hurting or killing anyone and prefers to just blocking ennemie attacks.
  • Because of her communication problems, she can get new enemies by accident.
  • Creating a golem takes a lot of her energies.
  • Exploiting her kindness by accepting her gifts and being her subject for later betraying her, works unfortunately well.


  • Queen Femevra Scoutabi is clearly based of Queen Watevra Wa'nabi from The Lego Movie 2.
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