Creator NovaSector5102
Creation 2016
Debut The Rise of Pyrorai
Type MetaHuman
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Calm (Normal)
Belligerent (Combat)
Fighting style Close Range
All Ranges (Heat Mode)
Abilities Martial Arts
Enhanced fitness
Pyrokinesis (Heat Mode)
Status Active
Occupation Freelance Freak Hunter
Subordinates Mechagineer
Enemies TeufortKnight

Pyrorai is a RED Female Pyro TF2 Freak created by YouTuber NovaSector5102.

She's the main protagonist of the Rise of Pyrorai Series.

Her theme is Right beside you - Sharax TF2 Remix.


Pyrorai was a normal RED pyro that was defending cp_granary, until BLU surprised them and killed everyone. But Pyrorai rises as a evolved Human thanks to the Medigun. Now Pyrorai wonders around the Badlands to help her fellow RED team and Others against those that stand in their way.

Appearance and Personality

Pyrorai is RED Pyro wearing the Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat, and Griek armor. She is always calm and always stands ready for a Fight, but be sure not to make her angry, cause she will enter Heat Mode if you do.

Pyrorai (Heat mode)
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