Creator GmodViolet
Creation 7 June 2019
Type Sea creatures
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Bloodthirsty, vicious
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced strength
Adept swimmer
Light flash
Powerful jaws
Control over other Pyrasceses (Pyrasces leader)
Magical Boost (Pyrasces leader)
Status Alive
Occupation Predators
Superiors The Pyrasceses leader
Allies Other members of their kind

The Pyrasceses are a species of BLU Pyro TF2 Monsters created by GmodViolet.

Their theme is Trench Engaged from the Aquaman movie.


Pyrasceses appear as BLU Pyros wearing the Deep-Sea Monstrosity, the Deity's Dress (without the gems on it), the Abhorrent Appendages painted Team Spirit (BLU) and having a long tail as well as some spikes in their back.

Behavior and Personality

Pyrasceses are vicious and bloodthirsty creatures chasing any living creatures for eating or for finding food for feeding the rest of their kind. They usually first attack their preys by suprising them for having more chances to killing them quickly.

By chasing anyone, they may sometimes attack opponents more powerful than them. Although, while fighting, if their preys are too powerful for them to handle, they will try to flee by using their light flash ability.

Powers and Abilities

As being sea creatures, Pyrasceses live in water and are quite fast in it since it's their natural habitat, but they can also go on land without problems.

Pyrasceses possess enhanced strength. They use it mostly when attacking their preys with their claws for hurting them badly.

The jaw of a Pyrasces is almost as strong as Heavydile one. They commonly try to bite their preys arms for tearing them apart from their body, then bite directly their head for finishing them off.

The lantern of their angler fish head can produce a strong light flash which they can use for blinding their preys or for simply fleeing an adversary too powerful for them.

The leader of the Pyrasceses is the only one of his species wearing the Deity's Dress featuring gems on it. Those are actually magical and when needed, the Pyrasceses leader can get a magical boost from them, boosting his speed, strengh and durability for a few minutes.


The Pyrasceses leader

It's thanks to those gems that the Pyrasceses leader became the actual leader of his species and with them, he can control and call the other Pyrasceses whenever he is.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Like said previously, Pyrasceses tends to chase anyone and thus, may attack preys too powerful for them.
  • The magical boost that the Pyrasces leader can get from his gems drains his energy when activated.


  • Their name idea came from piranhas, Pyro and from Pisces who's a constellation who represent a pair of fish tied together by their tails.
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