Creator Scarifar
Creation 4 May 2014
Debut Master and Apprentice
Type Magic Swordsman
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Serious, logical
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Sword Proficiency
Blade Construction
Superhuman durability
Status Alive
Occupation PyroMaster's apprentice
Submanager of the Freak Universe
Superiors PyroMaster

PyrApprentice is a BLU Pyro TF2 Freak donning the Point and Shoot. He was created by Youtube user Scarifar.


PyrApprentice appears to be a simple Pyro who wears the Point and Shoot. Her main weapon of choice is a blue sword that also acts as her wand, but she more often uses a broom to clean up the messes left behind by PyroMaster.

Personality and Behavior

PyrApprentice is always serious-minded, dedicated to her jobs as PyroMaster's apprentice and as the Submanager of the Freak Universe, and ensures that they are done satisfactorily.

She wears the suit and mask as a means to hide the fact that she is female, claiming that only her job as PyroMaster's apprentice matters above all else and distractions are unnecessary. Due to this, PyrApprentice has taken it upon herself to keep PyroMaster in line and force him to do his job properly as the Manager of the Universe, regularly berating PyroMaster on his numerous breaks from his work. While she doesn't understand much of her master's eccentricity, she is aware of how stressful and tedious it must be to manage a universe and simply chalks it up to the influence of knowing the secrets of the universe.

Powers and Abilities

PyrApprentice is ridiculously durable, able to shrug off explosions, fire, and heavy projectiles without a scratch. It is because of this that PyroMaster regularly fires an explosion at her, knowing that it won't hurt her and simply leave a soot stain on her suit.

PyrApprentice is quite proficient with her sword, and regularly pairs it with her Blade Construction Magick, manipulating them through the air and/or creating another sword to dual wield. Opponents will typically find themselves facing a swarm of flying swords on top of her swinging her own swords.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Despite her high durability, PyrApprentice is not particularly fast or strong compared to higher-tier Freaks. She may have trouble fighting stronger or faster Freaks head on.
  • Her swords are large in number, but not as impressive in speed, leaving those who are faster or smarter more capable of fighting her.
  • PyrApprentice tends to search for the most effective and efficient means of dealing with opponents, which ironically may cause her to use more time and effort necessary to defeat them. It usually results in her trying to overwhelm her opponent with swords in the hopes that they have no means of dealing with the sheer volume of blades.


  • PyrApprentice's name was originally intended to be PyroServant.

Notable Videos

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