Pumpkin Men
Creator Hellman aka UselessTeam
Creation 2013
Debut Unknown
Type Undead
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Psychotic
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities None
Weaknesses Incredibly dumb
Only dangerous in large numbers
Status Resurrected
Occupation Minions
Superiors Sarah Vale
Lord Fillium
Allies Other PumpkinMen
Enemies The whole world

The PumpkinMen are a group of RED undead TF2 Freaks created by a youtube user Hellman aka UselessTeam.


No one in the Freak World knows how they were created or when they came to life. However, what is known about them is that they were resurrected by a demonic man named Lord Fillium. Even though they resemble RED Snipers they are actually mutated humans with glowing pumpkins instead of their heads. Their mutations have negatively affected their minds causing them to become dumber. However, for some reason, Fillium finds them to be reliable enough to use as his minions. 

Appearance and Personality

The PumpkinMen are RED Snipers wearing HHH's Head , Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul and wielding fire axes .

Their personalities are psychotic, they like to fight since they were created to do just that. 


PumpkinMen are in three different species:


Pumpkin Gentlemann


Pumpkin Bomber



PumpkinGentlemann is a RED Sniper lacking HHH's Head, instead wearing Ghastly Gibus and Villian's Veil(Trained Killer Style). Instead of Fire Axes they carry two Bushwackas.They are a little stronger and more agile then their weaker kin, but they are even more psychotic.


PumpkinBomber is a RED Sniper lacking HHH's Head or the two headgears of the Gentlemann. Instead, he carries a Villian's Veil(Hired Gun Style) and a Cold Killer, both coloured Yellow, the same colour as the Pumpkin Heads of their weaker kin. They throw bombs at their enemies instead of fighting up close. They also are less psychotic then the rest. These come in two types:

1st Type - Cannot fight back if the enemy is close enough. Bombs deal double damage.

2nd Type - Bombs are weaker then 1st Type, but they carry a  Fire Axe to at least try to fight back.

Faults and Weaknesses

They are only dangerous when in large numbers. A single PumpkinMan won't pose much of a threat to a strong Freak.

They are incredibly dumb. Enough said.


They can sound in any voice from any game. But their most common type of vocalization are HHH's Screams, Grunts and Laughs.

Their mutations cause all of them to turn male. Even the resurrected females. It is an agonizing process even for the Undead.

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