"Your doing good lad"

-Private Haircut cheering up a Spy

Private Haircut is a RED Demoman
Private Haircut

Private Haircut's friendly face

His theme is Undertale OST - Bonetrousle

Appearence and Personitily

He's dons Tippler's Tricorne, Bird-Man of Aberdeen and A Whiff of the Old Brimstone and is equipped with the Loose cannon and Nessie's Nine iron He's mostly friendly to everyone that mets him even the most dangerous ones he loves to trade with others for hats for his Point and Shoot so he can give the hats to any one that needs them like poor F2Ps and makes them into good players but hates those players who are called tryhards and will capture or throw them in jail for killing defenceless Gibus Engineers, Hoovys and Spycrabs he will defend any defenceless Spies or Scouts when he's in hobo disguise he'll test people to see if people are Good or Evil to trust them

Power and Abilities

Hobo disguise

Private Haircut in disguise as his hobo form

He can disguise as a hobo Demoman

Throws three bottles to trap people to walls for 8 seconds

has Hand to Hand combat

Self-ÜderCharge it is unknown how he does it

Trained many People to know most people's attack

Can Doudle Donk people without his Loose cannon

Big Punch it's just like SEEman's punch

Faults and Weakness

His friendliness make him blind to ambushes

Won't attack any one wear a Gibus or Heavies so any heavies can attack him

Has the same durability as any Demomen

when in-trading he left open to attack or ambushes

It takes time for him to Self-ÜderCharge

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