Private Box Head
Creator Ultraworldwarrior
Creation 20th of March, 2017
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Patient, Solitary, Kleptomaniac
Fighting style Close Range to Long Range
Abilities Box Protection
Weaknesses Vulnerability
Status Alive, Camping
Occupation Thief, Trapper

Private Box Head is a TF2 Soldier Freak created by Ultraworldwarrior, who lives within a box, luring and trapping oncomers and taking their items.

Behavior and Personality

Private Box Head lives within a large crate, usually settled near a Capture Point with an item, whether valuable or not, placed next to it; The item serves as a lure for unaware victims. Once a potential victim has spotted and approached the item, the crate will open up and they will be dragged inside and trapped, their items will then be taken and collected by Private Box Head.

Private Box Head is capable of moving from box to box, whether he is escaping otherwise inevitable danger, or exiting the box in order to perform a certain action (ex: reaching for something that is up higher than himself or the box), but is vulnerable while doing so. Private Box Head prefers to stay within the confines of his box, as he is safe and powerful with it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Box Protection: While within his box, Private Box Head is practically immune to most forms of damage. The box is also extremely durable and resistant to damage.
  • Trap: If a victim moves too close to Private Box Head's crate, the crate may open up and the victim will be pulled into it. The victim will be unable to defend itself as its items are removed from them, and as they are slightly beaten in the process. They are usually expelled from the box once their items have been 'acquired' by Private Box Head, leaving them damaged and dazed.
  • Glide: Private Box Head, as well as his box while he's in it, can glide along the floor or a wall as a form of movement.
  • Throw: Private Box Head can throw random objects from his box, often items he has recently collected.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Vulnerability: If Private Box Head is separated from his box, he will become significantly vulnerable as he has little to no external protection. He is ill-equipped and ill-strengthed to fight without his box to protect him.
  • Dependent: Private Box Head is extremely dependent on his box to take most of the damage for him, and to provide him a place to hide. If separated from his box in any way he will become terrified and paranoid, preventing him from combating with rational thought or logic as he tries to avoid everything that might harm him.
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