Præfecti is an Alternate Universe article, so it is non canon to the main TF2 Freak Unvisere.
Praefecti logo
Military Organization
Headquarters Præfecti Tower
Leader(s) Consuasor
Other Members Various Departments
Purpose Cross universe/dimensional empire
Alignment Lawful Evil
Active Personnel Around One and a Half Million
Reserve Personnel Two Million
Branches Protectatores

The Præfecti empire sprawls across multiple parallel universes and is composed of an unknown number of sentient species. It is governed by a mysterious person named Consuasor, but they have never been sighted, more often then not, his 9 'Elite' govern the empire.

The Præfecti manipulates species through a variety of means, including bio-engineering. The products of the Præfecti's re-engineering process are known as the Scribere, bio-mechanical organisms that serve a variety of functions. The Præfecti also uses their technology to create armies of super-soldiers. This process results in a highly mobile and adaptive military force which is able to respond to any threat and crush any opposition. In addition to forming the bulk of the garrison, units are also deployed across the Præfecti Empire in a "permanent off-world assignment". Assignment on other worlds is considered a horrible fate.

The TF2 Freak world became the Præfecti's most recently known annexation. It was acquired following the death of Saxton Hale, CEO of Mann Co. Upon discovering Freaks,  The Præfecti empire started to eradicate them. Many of the weaker freaks were killed. Freaks have learnt to put their past behind them, and work in spliter groups against the Præfecti.

or regular citizens of the TF2 Universe, towns and cities are setup for them, owned by the Præfecti, however, the quality of life is bad, and the Præfecti drug the water supplyies to make the citizens forget. Citizens are recruited into the Protectatores Branch, where they climb through the ranks, in exchange for losing all of their humanity.</span>


Elite Operatives


Benefactóribus Nostris propoganda

One of many propaganda posters made by the orginisation.

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