Power Kebabs are one of the familiar food that consists of anything. It was made by TeslaTitanicX. These are secret weapon used by Fez Army Corps. They also can be spawned by Fez Corsair(kebab of life also can spawn in normal form) in kebabcharge form.

Cp degrootkeep0012

Experimental Kebab in recharge


It was created in 2Fort where RED Team needed cheap food since they have no money to purchase on expensive food. It consist of any meat(except pork) merged together. The meat then insert into the bun and filled with random sauces and seasonings.

Powers and abilities:

Each kebab has different types of power usage.

  • Kebab of Life - A kebab with WHT Crits that can bring the deceased back to life.
  • Kebab of Destruct - A kebab with RED Crits that can blow up the area.
  • Kebab of Electromagnet - A kebab with BLU Crits that consist of EMP powers merged in kebab to challenge the robots.
  • Kebab of Powercore - A kebab with YLW Crits that used to make mechanisms move.
  • Regular Kebab - Powerless kebab that has no effect. It can be used to make money by selling it.

Kebabs as weapons

Because power kebabs contain powers, they can be used as heavy weapons. Mostly use the Kebab of Destruct in any heavy weapons and artillery.

Arena offblast final0000-0

Kebab Launcher X-1453

Arena offblast final0001

V-1453 Kebab Launcher

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