Pootis King
Creator Pow
Creation 16/10/2015
Type Freak, TF2sona
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Semi-strict but can take a joke
Fighting style Various
Abilities Various
Weaknesses Various
Status Alive
Occupation Ruler
Subordinates Pootdiers

tamed Pootis Birds

Allies Pootghost

The Pootis King is a BLU Heavy TF2 Freak made by Pow. He also used to serve as his TF2sona.

His theme is Two Steps from Hell - Outpost.

His Overdrive theme is Two Steps from Hell - Flameheart.


Normally, he is a BLU Heavy wearing the Officer's Ushanka (made out of Australium), the Combat Slacks (painted A Colour Similar to Slate), a Commissar's Coat and an Operation Mecha Engine badge.

In Overdrive, he keeps the ushanka and Combat Slacks, but he has a custom BWN skin with a white vest and dark green gloves and trousers. The Slacks are also painted Indubitably Green instead.

Behaviour and Personality

The Pootis King acts semi-strict to his subordinates, however he can handle one of them telling a joke. To his allies, he's not so strict and more friendly.

Powers and Abilities

The Pootis King has a variety of powers:

Superhuman durability: He has amounts of health considered godly amongst even more powerful Freaks.

Miniguns: He has a heavy calibre of skill in Heavy primaries, most notably the Brass Beast. He can wield two at once to cause maximum damage.

Shield: He can deploy an invisible energy shield around his person at will, causing him to absorb energy and fire attacks to add to his durability even more. He does this by crossing his arms in a blocking guard.

Intelligence: Unlike most Heavies, he is extremely intelligent and uses this to his advantage in battle.

Charge: To counter his slow speed, he has a 'Charge' ability that he can use every so often, in which he charges forward at a shocking rate and can deal heavy damage on contact with an enemy.

Faults and Weaknesses

The Pootis King is very slow and lacks agility without his Charge ability or Overdrive and thus he can easily be outclassed by faster Freaks who can dodge his attacks and slowly wear him down.

In Overdrive, standard arcane forms of magic will extremely damage him and, if powerful enough, knock him out of it or even kill him.


  • He used to be Pow's TF2Sona and had a boost named 'Overdrive Mode'. This has been dropped in favour of the Pootis King being an original character.
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