Creator Pow
Creation 9/10/2015
Type Freaks
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Insane


Fighting style Varying
Abilities Use of any TF2-based weapon

Detecting Spies Team-based special abilities

Weaknesses Big heads


Status Undergoing several missions
Superiors Pootis King
Enemies Thieving BLU Soldiers

Nnnngh Snipers

Pootdiers are multi-teamed Heavy freaks by Pow.

They do not have a theme yet.


Pootdiers are Heavies with enlarged heads and (usually) a random hat with a paint that shows their rank. Most Pootdiers are BLU.

Behaviour and Personality

Most Pootdiers are insane, but all of them follow the Pootis King without question. If they are tasked with, say, getting their King an unusual hat, they will go to all lengths to find one and bring it back, for they fear the King's wrath when they come back empty-handed.

Powers and Abilities

Pootdiers carry a weapon of their choice (which could be anything, not just a Heavy weapon) and rarely switch away. They can use these weapons to a certain degree of skill depending on rank, unlike Thieving BLU Soldiers and Nnnngh Snipers who can rarely hit a target.

In addition, they hold extra powers based on their team, like Vagineers:

  • BLU: Main Division (enhanced durability)
  • RED: Demolition (dynamite usage)
  • YLW: Recon (enhanced speed and invisibility)
  • GRN: Vehicle Pilots (can drive tanks and supply trucks)
  • PRL: Field Medics (creating health packs)
  • GRY: Field Engineers (fixing stuff)
  • BLK: Elites (rare, combined BLU, YLW and GRN, plus extra skill compared to others of same rank)

Pootdiers can also detect disguised Spies in their ranks, as it is impossible (somehow) for the Spies to enlarge their heads for the disguise to work.

Faults and Weaknesses

Non-YLW Pootdiers are slow and easy to hit, and non-BLU Pootdiers have the strength of a normal Heavy. Low-ranking Pootdiers also have bad aim and little tactical training. Most non-GRY/high-rank Pootdiers can also be outsmarted, and they fall for traps with Sandviches as a bait.



  • Unpainted
  • Distinctive Lack of Hue
  • Aged Moustache Grey
  • Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge


  • After Eight
  • A Colour Similar to Slate
  • Particularly Drab Tincture
  • A Mann's Mint


  • Drably Olive
  • BLU Waterlogged Lab Coat
  • RED Balaclavas are Forever
  • BLU Balaclavas are Forever


  • Mann Co. Orange
  • Indubitably Green
  • Deep Commitment to Purple
  • Australium Gold


  • Made of Australium


  • Their king is Pow's TF2sona.
  • Unlike Nnnngh Snipers and Thieving BLU Soldiers, Pootdiers have a more in-depth way of displaying rank and skill.
  • 'Pootdier' is a portmanteau of 'Pootis' and 'Soldier'.
  • The Pootis King's personal guards were 4 commander BLK Pootdiers, before he created Sash Killer.


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