Poltergeist 3
Creator Blastertronus
Creation 9/?/19
Debut Vigilantes' Crusade: Chapter 2
Type Demon (presumably)
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Sadistic
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Invisibility
Weaknesses He needs to focus his intangibility
physically weak
Status Alive
Occupation Assassin For hire
Enemies Sputnik Rogue

Poltergeist is a Blu Spy Created by Blastertronus, He serves as a minor antagonist for Vigilantes' Crusade

His theme is Translucent Explodes from The Boys OST

His battle theme is Illuso's theme from GioGio's Bizarre Adventure OST


Poltergeist is a Blu spy who Wears an Lurker's Leather ,The Escapist, Griffin's Gog, Rogue's Brogues, and a Nightmare hunter. his default model is always invisible from the build, but very rarely is revealed, and when it is it revealing a spy with Deep white skin and a big HWM styled grin, eyes of black sclera with yellow iris, and similarly white hands with sharp elongated fingers.


Information on who is Poltergeist, How he got his powers or even where he came from, is a complete mystery. He was first sighted in ████, ██████ where he rape two nun in a catholic church one of which he impregnated. ██ years later he committed ███ murder rapes in ██████, ████████, ██████ and████, and now he's a assassin for hire.

Personality & Behavior

Poltergeist is one of the more unlikable Freak out there, as he's rude, arrogant, Sadistic, and just a downright asshole in general, as he apparently enjoys tormenting and toying with his victims and targets before sadistically killing them, and he loves gloating and bosting how "unbeatable" his powers are. not to mention that he's a pervert who has a high sex compulsion with an unnecessary skirt and breast fetish.

Abilities and Powers

  • Invisibility - as the name implies he can turn is entire body or some parts of his body Invisible, and He can't even be detected through sound, sent, or body heat, when activated
    • He also can make anything or anyone he touch or make physical contact with invisible and undetectable too, and it also make anybody affected by this unable to speak, giving him a advantage when it comes to things like sneak attacks.
  • Intangibility - Poltergeist is able to move through objects and ignore almost anything in his way, regardless on weather its Physical or not, and because of this, is able to ignore most attacks, physical dangers and gravity of six different occasions.
  • Teleportation - the ability is self explanatory, he can transport across space and distance instantly, although he can only go a certain distant.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He apparently has to focus on a person or object for his Intangibility to work on them (similar to little feet), this apparently makes him vulnerable to sneak attacks.
  • He roughly has the Strength of a normal person.


  • He took inspiration from Translucent from The Boys

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