Polaris 52
Creator Blastertronus
Creation ??/??/17
Debut PENDING...
Type Cyborg Homunculus
Alignment lawful good
Attitude Devil-may-care
Fighting style Mid range
Abilities Superhuman characteristics
Healing factor
Survival Intuition
Weaknesses Typical human Weaknesses
Being reminded of the BSoA Controversies
Status Alive
Occupation Freelance Vigilante
Former Eagle Scout
Allies Saintville (sometimes)
Yellow Apidae
The Envoy (Post Sins of Authorities)
Enemies Evil Freaks
Boston Bloodbasher
Highway Starchild
the Council of Tribulation

Polaris Is a Homunculus created by the Physicus to replace humanity with the more morally superior species who Became boy scout and a hero. He was made By Blastertronus

His theme is Nyeh Heh Heh!


Polaris was one of several Homunculi created by The Physicus as part of a plot to drive humanity to extinction and replace them with a more morally superior species, but the plan was foiled by the Saint Pirates with only the finish parts for the plot being left abandoned and Polaris was part of that abandoned plot, as was found and raised by a Engineer Couple who found him in a Womb like pod In Physicus's former lair at the time. He live the Pretty normal life, getting good grades at school, and joined the Boy Scouts of America in which we was one of the organization most devoted, determined, diligent and strong-willed members, and he eventually became and Eagle scout and a Cubmaster, were he grew to be beloved my many scout due to his polite, Charismatic, and cheerful nature. However every thing changed for him when BSoA filed for bankruptcy, all due to many the controversies over Homophobia and Pedophilia in which upon being notified of this he resigned. Afterwards he took odd jobs and helped people around the town like the good Samaritan he is but is left mortified at the organization malpractices and questions humanity but was still confident that there was still. Overtime powers of super human characteristics manifested like speed (while gardening), strength (when trying to lift up a capsized tractor of a man) and durability (Hit with a car). And one day an attack from a Red Vagineer on the city hall. Polaris was nearby, and sprung into action and managed defeated the Vagineer with his new super human capabilities, and from that he decide that he's of fighting crime for the greater good.


Polaris is typically the type of guy who always looks on the bring side of things, He Is Primarily cheerful, has a optimistic wisecracking, confident, charismatic, and Friendly personality, but also Very reckless too, as he has some rather absurd methods of fighting crime that are highly unorthodox with usually getting him in trouble, and by that, I mean he's Boy Scout branded Joseph Joestar. He also has sense of equality, having wanting desire to united everyone equally, and he will go to extreme lengths to insure that Justice will prevail and purge the evil from this world, but try's to do it without killing if necessary.


Polaris commonly portrayed as Blu scout, having pale skin and blond hair, Well-rounded Rifleman (painted in value of teamwork), Bolt boy, Gravel blooded (with bandana out and painted Australium gold), Digit Divulgers, Fortune Hunter, Transparent Trousers(also in Australiun Gold), Power Up Canteen, and the Brooklyn booties (in after eight).

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Characteristics - His physical abilities are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally physically superior over an normal human as his capabilities are far beyond natural levels, making them immensely stronger, faster, and (somewhat) more durable than regular beings, having Super Athleticism, Agility, Stamina, Endurance, and Reflexes.
  • Healing factor - Like any other healing factor, heal any damaged tissues, organs and limbs, However he can't regrow any lost or destroyed organs
  • Survival Intuition - From what he learned in boy scouts, he's pretty much a professional by this point, as he has an understanding in survival and all skills applicable to survival, as he will actively prepare for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order. He has emergency medical and self-defense training, knows how to stockpile food and water, prepare to become self-sufficient, and build structures.

Faults and weaknesses

Normal human Faults - despite his superhuman characteristics, he still has limitations as humans (well some what), as he can't fly or invincible to damage, so yeah.


  • He was originally used for a Now Scrapped Horror Project that is Heavily based on Outlast.
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