Creator n8five484
Creation 15 October 2016
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Peppy
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Floral Scent Mimicry
Enhanced Strength
Status Alive
Occupation Member of Fortress Legion Squad-J
Superiors Kobi-Yoro
Allies Dr. Coffee
Unnamed BLK Spy
Enemies Vida

Pluribus is a YLW Female Scout TF2 Freak created by n8five484 who is a student, along with Dr. Coffee of Kobi-Yoro.

Her theme is Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Floaroma Town (Day).

Her battle theme is The Dark Blowhole from Touhou 11.

Appearance and Personality

Pluribus appears as a Female Scout with YLW apparel. She also yellow/black hands which adds strength to her fists.

She is peppy and playful person when not in combat, but during fights or times of wars she completely changes her attitude to peppy from serious. In times of depression or deep sadness, she will spend her time in Obscure isolated.

Powers and Abilities

Mentioned above, she has gold/dark hands which strengthens her punches a bit more. It also prevents her hands from being burned or chopped.

Her signature and most notable ability of her is her Floral Scent Mimicry. She can produce any kind of scent from flowers which can help lead her enemies in traps or either killing them or in most cases leads them fainting. She can also combine a maximum of two scents.

Faults and Weaknesses

Her floral scents mostly just distract the enemy and or rarely lethal as if she uses highly poisonous or devastating scents it will drain up her all of her energy. This why she rarely uses them and only for last resort.

Besides her floral scent, she cannot attack long distance enemies to injure them unless she uses a gun

Fortress Legion Profile

Pluribus[[File:{{{File Name}}}|{{{File Position}}}|{{{Size Number}}}px]]

Normal Type - {{{Combat Type}}}

Real Name: Clem Kyrie

Aliases: None

Occupation: None

Powers: None



  • Her theme was suggested by Icy guy2 while the creator discovered The Dark Blowhole from a black midi version of it on Gingeas' channel. Nine Inch Nails' Closer was discovered in one of the creator's old folder which contained 90s songs (Smells Like Teen Spirit, Alive, Creep, Once and Losing My Religion). The creator is not familiar with both the Touhou series and much of the Pokémon universe.
    • Nine Inch Nails' Closer was used as a way to show the creator's dark times he was currently experiencing while adding more to Pluribus.
  • Her personality is taken from that Aoi Nagoya of Strawberry Panic!.
  • Her names is taken from the common Latin motto, "E pluribus unum" which appears on the Great Seal of the United States.

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