Creator Obot Prime
Creation 22 June 2017
Debut Big Battle in Coaltown (Gmod)
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment True Evil
Attitude Cruel
Fighting style Long-range
Abilities Regeneration
Weaknesses Defense
Body Odor
Status Recovering from his most recent death
Occupation Smelly Inventor
Superiors QuintaHeavy (Formerly)
Allies Lazor Spy
Fabulous Spy
Enemies NinjaScout
Scoutmann Crouchjumps

Pissper is a GRN Sniper TF2 Freak created by Obot Prime.


Pissper is a GRN Sniper with yellow skin and no hat. Recently, he has mounted a Sydney Sleeper on his back. He has a base of operations at Harvest.

Personality and Behavior

Pissper loves nothing more than to cause trouble for other people. He will set up traps meant to injure any unsuspecting passerbys. He is very vain due to taking pride in his inventive abilities.


Pissper was originally a normal BLU Sniper, but was caught up in a freak Telefrag accident involving a jar of urine, a dispenser, his Engineer teammate, a mysterious vaccine created by the team's medic, and an enemy rocket. He was presumed dead by his team, but later reformed from his own remains with ugly yellow skin, a horrific smell, and the Engineer's mind. Knowing his own team wouldn't want him, Pissper decided to use his powers for trolling.

Powers and Abilities

Pissper's cells are mutated in such a say that his entire body can regenerate, even if all that remains of him is a puddle of blood. As such, there is no known way of killing or containing him. It is unknown if this regeneration process can result in creating duplicates of himself.

Pissper has a great knowledge of electronics and machines, and can construct all manner of devices.

His back-mounted Sydney Sleeper allows him to attack targets from a distance. Sometimes he also uses a Cleaner's Carbine.

Faults and Weaknesses

Pissper's egotistical nature can very easily get him into trouble, since he tends to underestimate his foes. This is not helped by the fact that he is no more stronger or durable than a normal Sniper, meaning stronger freaks can deal with him easily. His regeneration ablility takes a very long time, so he can be dealt with simply by either "killing" him or causing him enough injury so that he is disabled for several hours.

Due to having Jarate in his blood stream, he smells awful, and can be detected easily by scent.

Freak Fortress 2: the Movie

Pissper was one of QuintaHeavy's close associates, finding freaks that could contribute to its army, either by convincing them to join or enslaving them with mind-control chips. Pissper was responsible for the creation of said mind-control chips. He was defeated by Madic at the battle of Turbine.

Along with his teammates, he evaded capture from the HECU. His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • He is Obot Prime's first villainous freak.

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