Piss Jarete
Creator ShadowSoldierOmega
Creation 10/28//2015
Debut Divider Vs. Neo And Piss Jarete [1080 HD] [300 sub]
Type Fighter
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Clever
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Jarate Bomb
Flexible Body
Rapid Ground Slide
Enhanced Durability
Limb Regeneration
Weaknesses Frail defense
Vulnerable to fire
Strong Attacks
Heavy Attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Superhero
Allies Arbos
Enemies Heavybine VagiPyro RED Vagineer BLU Vagineer Bad Guys

Piss Jarete is a YLW TF2 Freak conceptualized by YouTube user ShadowSoldierOmega.

His theme song is Sonic Lost World Soundtrack - Desert Ruins (Zone 1).


Piss Jarete isn't an ordinary Sniper, he was once a Jarate brought to life without wanting it by a Medigun where Meet The Medic took place and a Medigun healed him, generating a body of a Sniper with the abilities of a Jarate.

So, with his powers of Jarate, he protects the weak, he's a savior always saving the day while striving for peace as a hero.

Personality and Behavior

Piss Jarete likes a good fight, he helps any defenseless victim and fights battles towards bad guys such as robbers. If his best friend Arbos is in danger, he will quite obviously help. He does not like rude or aggressive people.

Powers and Abilities

Jarate Bomb: A jarate that causes an explosion of piss, making the enemy walk more slowly.

Self-ÜberCharge: Which leaves him stronger and faster for a short time span.

Flexible Body: This ability allows him, becoming very flexible with all the parts of his body.

Rapid Ground Slide: Allows him walk faster by land.

Enhanced Durability: Which he takes less damage when hit.

Limb Regeneration: Which his limbs regenerate quickly.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • If Piss Jarete gets himself on fire, he gets weaker and slower, making him a easy target.
  • He will end up unconscious when knocked out.
  • Piss Jarete will become confused when damaged enough without his enhanced durability.
  • Despite being stronger than a ordinary Sniper, but he's still vulnerable stronger freaks.


  • Piss Jarete himself was also a joke to a sniper body only body in a server Mann Vs Machine
  • Piss Jarete was created because the creator liked the item of the Sniper, the Jarate.
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