Stand at Attention
Creator Hellman AKA UselessTeam
Creation 30.04.2014
Debut The Superior Weapon
Type Synthet
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Precisive
Fighting style Long Range
Abilities Particle Cannon
Synthetic Spells
Weaknesses Useless at Close Range
Needs time to charge up his lasers
Status Alive
Occupation A Superior Weapon
Superiors SynthetMedic
Allies OutlawSoldier
Cold Killer
Enemies All of SynthetMedic's enemies
Pinpoint is a BLK TF2 Spy Freak created by a YouTube/DeviantART user Hellman AKA UselessTeam.


Pinpoint The Superior Weapon was created by the hands of SynthetMedic and is one of his first creations after SynthetSpy.

Pinpoint is by far one of the most religious servants of "Villian" believing they are doing the good thing as they see it to be so.

Pinpoint is also one of the most powerful of SynthetMedic's servants, able to eraze an entire army of enemies if given enough time.

Not much is know about how was he created and from what was he created. The information about that is yet to be revealed to us.

Appearence and Personality

"Easy come, easy go."

— Pinpoint, describing himself in four words.

Pinpoint appears as a BLK Spy wearing a RED Spy mask, a Robot Spy Roman Armour, a Base Metal Billycock and a Tumblr vs Reddit Participant medal Season 1.

He is always guarded, expecting danger around any corner and is always prepared for surprises. He is also quite precisive, always aiming for the weakest spot the enemy has and always aims to find and exploit their weaknesses.


His "Rescue Ranger" is actually a mini Particle Cannon. If it is charged up it will fire a huge particle beam, shredding anyone and cutting through any armor on it's way.

He as well has a list of three synthetic spells at his disposal:

Immobilise renders his enemy unable to move for a medium period of time, allowing him to catch up to or escape his enemy.

Second Birth allows him to repair his wounds if necessary, but it also requires to recharge after using, so it should be used during extreme situations.

Reinforce renders his armor to be impenetrable by any source of damage, except for melee.


"Lasers must be calibrated precisely. For maximum effect."

— Pinpoint about his Particle Cannon.

He is pretty much useless at close range. He can fight back with his laser pistol that doesn't deal a lot of damage, but it is fast and doesn't need to recharge between shots.

His most powerful weapon requires time to charge. If found before charged he can be taken out of the fight relatively easily. However, it is hard to ambush him as he is always prepared.


The voice used for Pinpoint belongs to a 4-Star USA Laser General Townes from Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour.

Pinpoint and General Townes share four things in total.

1) Voice.

2) The "Pinpoint" nickname.

3) Love for Laser-based weaponry.

4) Precisive strike tactics.

Notable Videos

The Superior Weapon

The Birth of Synthesia the Malicious(heard only)

The Time of Changes 2

Invade and Engage

Cold Killer's Birth

The End Approaches Part 2

The End Approaches Part 3 (briefly)

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