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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Ping-Ping undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
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Creator AGlassOfMilk
Creation 1/21/18
Debut Pending
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Egotistical
Fighting style Short to Mid-range
Abilities Ping Distortion
Ping Corruption
Superhuman Strength and Speed
Sacrifice Empowerment
Weaknesses Frailness
Reality Warpers
Angelic/Magical abilities
Status Alive
Occupation Power Hungry Demon
Allies Those who worship him and obey him.

Ping-Ping is a BLK Scout TF2 Freak created by YouTube user AGlassOfMilk.

His theme Little Nightmares OST "The Death Waltz"


Ping Ping is a BLK scout wearing a Distinctive Lack of Hue colored Bacteria Blocker, Black shoes/socks, sleeves, and strange poorly drawn eyes on his eye lids.

Personality and Behavior

Ping Ping is usually very erratic, insane and creepy. When he talks, he usually speaks in Vaginese, mumbles, grunts, laughter ,and mostly anything that can’t be understand or made sense. However in some cases he can speak normally, but with a distorted voice. He’s very temperamental and thinks he is the most powerful being in the world. He will also do anything to get stronger and expects to whoever person he forces to bring him "sacrifices" in order for him to get stronger. When he is about to lose a battle, he knows he is beaten and will retreat by creating a portal or running way. Lastly, the way we walks or moves is some what erratic. Although he seems to like crawling menacingly to terrify or weird out his targets.

Powers and Abilities

Ping-Ping's main ability is to distort a person's ping. This makes the person glitch and slow down. Depending on the range between him and the person. The closer he gets the more a person's ping rises or gets distorted. He could also use this ability on himself to make him look like he is teleporting and also gives him the ability to look like he is phasing through any attacks.

Once he is in range he can then corrupt them, which is known as Ping Corruption. Simply gazing at his real eyes for a split second will trigger this ability. This traps the individual in some kind of virtual dream of nightmares and their physical body left to be manipulated and controlled by him.

He also posses superhuman levels of power such as superhuman strength and speed.

He is also able to shoot powerful electric laser beams from his mouth and is also able create purple energy orbs. These abilities are use offensively in battle.

Lastly, Ping-Ping is able to create black portals that lead to different places, dimensions ,and universes.

All of his abilities are empowered by how many sacrifices he has been given.
  • Lazer
  • Energy orbs
  • Portals
  • Ping-Ping's Ping Corruption.
  • Ping-Ping's eyes.

Faults and Weaknesses

His ping distortion powers maybe effective, but his distortion range only goes so far.

It is very possible for a person to move normally while being effected by his distortion, but it takes a lot of sheer willpower and indomitable will. This means his ping manipulation can be countered by a person being blinded by pure rage and will power.

Using his ping distortion on himself is only made for deceiving his opponents. If his opponent can predict his movements correctly, he can be easily figured out.

The Ping Corruption can be countered if a person is strong enough to resist being controlled. It can also be avoided by not looking into his eyes in the first place.

Facing other powerful freaks that have the ability to bend reality at will maybe difficult for him to handle and can be seen as a major flaw against his own powers depending on the situation.

Since Ping-Ping is also a demonic being, he is very vulnerable to any angelic and magical powers.

Even though he claims he is a god, this does not mean he is invincible. He is able to take physical damage like a normal being and is mostly vulnerable to strong blunt attacks. His claim also exposes his overconfidence in everything and he underestimates everyone he meets.


  • Ping-Ping is heavily inspired by Chin-Chin from the FilthyFrank Show.
  • Ping-Ping's name is a reference to "Ping" the amount of average time in milliseconds in a game that is running.
  • Ping-Ping's sacrificing rituals must have the bodies of dead victims stacked in a pile on a symbol of a poorly drawn eye.

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