Creator Xho
Creation 2014
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Stoic, enigmatic
Fighting style Short to mid range
Abilities Superhuman characteristics
Status Alive
Occupation Supersoldier
Superiors Overseer
Allies Juggernaut

Phantom is a BLK Spy Concept created by Xho. He is one of the operatives of the paramilitary group known as Pavor Nocturnus.


In a bid to enhance individuals in other ways than cybernetic technology, Phantom was the result of seven months of rigorous and torturous experimentation, though the results of the enhancements were originally unpredictable. Phantom's own enhancements manifested in a unique manner, similar to how Trailblazer's powers as a result of similar testing. This did however massively disfigure Phantom's face, in which he now wears an ominous mask to cover it.

Personality and Behaviour

The only Pavor Nocturnus operative of which very little is known about, Phantom as himself is also relatively detached from Pavor Nocturnus' operations, preferring to undergo missions alone. Virtually all of Pavor Nocturnus' augmentation programs resulted with a psychological disorder, and it is generally considered that Phantom dislikes the presence of others. He is significantly more intelligent than the rest of his team members, using this advantage in combat more than often.

Powers and Abilities

Despite having gone through a prolonged yet painful process of modification, Phantom was successfully turned into a Metahuman much like Trailblazer, who is also an Esper in the Pavor Nocturnus operative team. Thanks to having superpowers, he is able to defeat threats that normal Humans are not capable of doing, and as well as possibly bypassing obstacles much more proficiently.

True to his name, Phantom has the power to become invisible, and with more mental strain, has the power to become entirely intangible as well. Coupled with his black attire and years of training in espionage and stealth combat, Phantom is the stealth specialist of Pavor Nocturnus. The way in which he uses his invisibility and intangibility almost makes it seem that, whenever Phantom is present, that multiple operatives are fighting at once.

Phantom is also gifted with superior speed, strength and agility as are the rest of Pavor Nocturnus' operatives, which makes him a one-man-army by many standards.

Faults and Weaknesses

One of his glaring weaknesses as a Superhuman is that he lacks any kind of immunities or resistances, which means he still has the same weaknesses which all Humans have in common. In addition however, if his powers ever become destabilized through various reasons, this will may mutate him into a hideous monster.

Phantom's unpredictability in combat makes him a very difficult Pavor Nocturnus operative to overcome. Though he is both physically tough and fast, in addition to his abilities, Phantom is not impervious to damage. Heavy ordnance weapons or zone-clearance weapons are often a quick solution to remove Phantom from the area, as such methods are difficult to escape from.

While useful for stealth missions as well as stealth combat, his Invisibility can be counteracted by users of Invisibility Cancellation, which allows the user to cancel out his power and force him to reveal himself in front of the enemy. Individuals of Invisibility Awareness however is the most useful ability by far since it gives the user the capability of detecting users that happen to own Invisibility, which in Phantom's case, is a massive disadvantage to him. Moreover, his Invisibility heavily relies on his concentration, which can prove problematic for him in case if he loses his focusing on using the power. In consequence, this can even put himself in danger whenever he's in a populated area. Another limitation is that whenever Phantom is surrounded by fire, splashed with various kinds of liquids and solids, will likely reveal his shape whilst being invisible at the same time, which will make him seen by all of his opponents despite his efforts of remaining unseen. This can also apply to heavy enough rain according to the weather conditions if he's not too vigilant. His Invisibility doesn't necessarily mean that he can be untouched and leaving footprints in the snow or mud, which can also be a problem.

His Teleportation does have existing flaws as well. Firstly, users of Teleportation Negation can cancel out his power before he manages to escape or retreating. Users of Teleportation Prediction however, can predict where Phantom will be teleporting to and see where he will be heading next. Those with Teleportation Diversion, hence its name, can alter where his ability will be taking him and force him somewhere else, which can also be potentially dangerous to him since it can diverse him into a hazardous environment, which can effectively harm him in return. Much like his Invisibility, he has to require the use of concentration for his Teleportation to function, otherwise it wouldn't. This also gives him time for the ability to progress, which gives fast enough attackers a much greater advantage over him despite having this power. What's more, if the time-space coordinate which Phantom is teleporting to is already happened to be occupied, it is likely that he will may suffer an ability malfunction where he will randomly get thrown into another area or location. If he happens to teleport another Teleportation user alongside him, it is possible for himself to go into a spatial contradiction, and this will potentially cause him some dangerous harm if he does so. Another possible weakness that he has in terms of Teleportation, is if the Spatial Cognizance is interfered by spatial sound, like flowing and splashing water, which will cause the ability to backfire and not function correctly as it should. His Teleportation could also cause spatial disturbances, which gives highly sensitive enemies to track him down.

Despite Phantom possessing Supernatural Fitness, this will likely cause him to drive him into a superiority complex, which causes him to be put onto a pedestal where he underestimates his enemies. In the end, this can end up becoming disastrous since this gives his enemies an opening to attack him. What prevents him from reaching Supernatural Condition however is that he lacks on the mental side, which will likely cause him to run into some problems, especially during combat. Due to the Plateau Effect, Phantom will may not be able to reach beyond his limits, which means that users of greater enough power can defeat him, especially whenever it comes to users of Absolute Body to Condition.

While he is incredibly strong, his strength is no where near being limitless, meaning users of Absolute Strength can easily overpower him, as well as easily and severely injuring him in the process. It manually takes some time for him to control his own strength without harming his own allies or accidentally damaging things. Users of Strength Absorption can steal his strength power in order to empower their own strength, while simultaneously making him weaker. This can also stem to users of Muscle Mass Weakening where the user absorbs Phantom's muscles down to zero. Users of Strength Reduction however, instead of absorbing Phantom's strength, can manually reduce it to the point of becoming much weaker. Users of both Muscle to Strength Manipulation have a better advantage over his strength as they have a wider array of powers in association to strength and muscle mass.

While his agility is immense also, he can be rivaled by users of Absolute Agility since their agility is objectively infinite.

His level of speed while second to Trailblazer, is also not limitless in the slightest, meaning users of Absolute Speed can totally outrun him due to their speed being also unlimited. Unless Phantom has Acceleration Immunity, he will likely suffer some side effects from acceleration. Those with Speed Cancellation, as its name implies, allows the user to cancel out Phantom's speed, thus slowing him down to the point of halting, thus making him much more easier to fight against. He tends to lack either Supernatural to Absolute Stamina, meaning he can't take much stress caused by his fatigue toxins within his body until he tires out, especially whenever he uses his speed. Users of Speed Theft can not only negate his speed, but they are capable of stealing it onto themselves in favor him making him much easier to deal with also. Because he lacks Sensorimotor Synchrony he will also likely suffer some problems regarding his mind not being in sync.


  • Phantom's model was one of the most difficult models for Xho to think of, and as a result, he preferred a far more stripped down version in comparison to the highly decorated Pavor Nocturnus operatives.
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