Persian Immortal Pyro
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/02/2018
Debut Unknown
Type Human
Alignment True Neutral(Normal form)

Chaotic Evil(Immortal form)

Attitude Gentle(Normal form)

Aggressive(Immortal form)

Fighting style Short to mid range(normal form)

Any ranges(immortal form)

Abilities Scimitar

Wicker shield

Immortal form

Weaknesses Long range enemies
Status At large(due to his immortality)
Occupation Warrior
Allies Those who accept to be his friend
Enemies Those who deny to be his friend
Persian Immortal Pyro is a YLW Pyro that serve as a TF2 Freak and also the creator's TF2Sona. Although he seem encountering most freaks and have familiar rage form. His immortal theme is Treasure (From Pirates of The Caribbean:Dead Men Tell No Tales).

Appearances and behaviour

Persian Immortal Pyro appeared as a Persian swordsman. He wears a pampered pyro,white-painted bruiser's bandanna, materialized both sengoku scorcher and boots. He uses scimitar and Persian longshield as his normal weapon. In immortal form, he is seen as a BLK pyro with a Swastika symbol(Aryanism) with a wraith wrap, mute maniac mask and still materialized sengoku scorcher, equipped with the emancipator.

While in his normal form, he seems nice and love to find friends. If they accept, he will be happy. If they deny, he left them alone unless when they're insult and attack him, he will instantly slaughter them.

Powers and abilities:

He his very skilled in sword fighting although he is lack of an opponent who do not buy his ruse in order to stop the fighting. He also have shield that could protect him. In his immortal form, the sword replaced with an emancipator axe and can release a hail of arrows, which is powerful enough to challenge the opponents he faced. However, his immortal form only appeared after he's killed.

PIP Immortal

Immortal form

Faults and weaknesses:

However, he wanted to find friends. Those who deny, but want to challenge him, he is very lack on focusing dealing with them. He talked too much so he beg his opponent to stop or else the opponent himself/herself/itself got killed. His immortal form only appeared after he's being killed instead of getting hurt and it wont last longer if his health bar reached full, but can be continued if he's killed.


  • His model resembles Persian Achaemenid Soldiers from 300.
  • In his immortal form, a swastika was symbolized the Aryanism which is believed that Persians are one of it.
  • His immortal form should appear killstreak eyes but it won't work as it only works on non-custom models.
  • Mostly, he mumbling like a normal pyro but only use Persian Ambassador's soundboard for his quote "THIS IS MADNESS!!!"
  • Once he transformed into an immortal form, he quoted "SSENDAM SI SIHT!!!"(THIS IS MADNESS!!! backwards) and speaks backwards random soundboard in high pitched sound.
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