Creator Xho
Creation 15 January 2016
Debut BLU Angel Beatdown
Type Angel
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Aggressive, hot-headed
Abilities Power over lightning
Superhuman characteristics
Weaknesses Weak against hellfire
Status Active
Occupation Angel
Superiors Erzengel
Allies Erzengel
Dream Demoman

Penance is an angelic BLU Demoman created by Xho. He wears a Dark Age Defender, Hood of Sorrows, Storm Stompers and Sangu Sleeves.


Penance is the oldest and most trusted friend of the archangel freak Erzengel. Having served Erzengel for roughly a millennium, Penance was once a human, either killed in battle or elevated to angelic status by Erzengel and has fought alongside him since. Quashing the uprising of many demons across the centuries, Penance has never successfully finished off the demon Sentinel, of whom he himself considers his antithesis. Though he knows his work will never end, Penance has come to believe that his goal is to destroy Sentinel, and in doing so will help in wiping a great evil off the surface of the world.

Personality and Behaviour

Like his superior, Penance is an aggressive and cold individual. Though not as detached from the interactions of the 'mortal' freaks of the Freak World (primarily due to his origin as a human), a millennium of life has jaded Penance's view of the world. He himself however remains adamant on protecting the living and purging demonic presences wherever they arise, though he prefers in carrying out his work with as little interaction as possible. Compared to Erzengel, Penance has a considerably heavier and more sarcastic demeanour. His hot-bloodedness in the face of demons has proven to be a weakness more than once, something that the equally hot-blooded Sentinel has used to his advantage.

Powers and Abilities

Ascended to immortality like Erzengel, Penance is primarily incapable of a permanent death, though this does not negate him from suffering damage. Due to his immortality and ascension into becoming an angel, Penance is capable of many superhuman feats. Possessing superhuman strength and resilience, Penance finds himself a direct equal in combat to Sentinel. He also possesses some supernatural degree of power such as the ability to teleport and conjure bolts of lightning, though he cannot do this in such a way that Erzengel can.

Faults and Weaknesses

Because of his origin as a human, Penance may have a greatly enhanced endurance, though not to the almost excessive degree that Erzengel has. While he may be able to engage in combat with multiple enemies of a considerable ability, Penance lacks the physical hardiness to stand up to the upper echelon of freaks, and has suffered the wrath of Nightmare Medic more than once. As an angel, Penance has a great aversion to hellfire and demonic sorcery, which, when fighting demons with their paralleled aversion to angelic power, cancel each other out. Penance can only then rely on his combat skills when fighting. His confidence has led him astray in the past, and sometimes finds himself outmatched by enemies with an advantage against him.

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