Creator Rivfruifv
Creation September 22, 2013 (Concept)
Debut TBA
Type Demonic Android
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Callous
Fighting style Variety
Abilities Weapon Selection


Weaknesses System Bugs
Status Inactive
Occupation Serving Dr. Robograden
Superiors Dr. Robograden
Allies Dr. Robograden
Enemies Silhouette
Dr. Uppengraden
Touching Story

Panrobowich is a BLU Demoman TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Rivfruifv, once known as Cheetah1251. He is an evil android counterpart to Pancolawich created by Dr. Robograden using a portion of darkness stolen from Silhouette's body.

His main theme is "Theme of E-102γ" from Sonic Adventure.


In a heated battle between Silhouette and Dr. Robograden, the latter ultimately came out on top as the winner, and, in an action of self-rewarding, stole of portion of Silhouette's darkness that makes up her figure. Returning to his secret hideout, he inserted the darkness into a prototype Demoman robot he had stolen from CyborSpy. Afterwards, he redesigned and reprogrammed the robot using his limited knowledge of Dr. Uppengraden's rivaling Demoman subordinate, Pancolawich. The result was Panrobowich, who Robograden has left inactive until Pancolawich and his current team discover his hideout.

Appearance and Personality

Panrobowich sports a similar appearance to his counterpart, the only difference being that he wears a Steel Shako and has a Robo-Sandvich for a head. He's also equipped with shiny Golden Frying Pans, as opposed to Pancolawich's traditional, rusted black ones.

In terms of personality, Panrobowich's determination to win is that of Pancolawich's cranked up to eleven, making him even more reckless and blindly aggressive than his doppelganger.

Powers and Weaknesses

Panrobowich is programmed to transform his Golden Frying Pans into a variety of weapons, including Necro Smashers, Brass Beasts, Shahanshahs, Crusader's Crossbows, Cow Mangler 5000s, and Loose Cannons that can fire a number of different types of unspecified ammunition. He's also perfectly capable of replicating every movement of the opponent he's fighting.

However, Panrobowich also has a number of bugs in his system that cause him to malfunction or lose control of himself, such as randomly activating for no reason, even when he isn't supposed to be; for some reason, this mostly happens when Dr. Robograden is trying to think to himself or laying out his next plan, forcing him to frsutratingly break his concentration and deactivate Panrobowich again.

Most of these unknown and/or unidentifiable bugs make him significantly more dimwitted than Pancolawich, in addition to making him easier to trick. If one is especially clever, they might even be able to trick him into acting out against his creator, though he is typically programmed to never be able to do this.

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